POS Software Box Office Wonder

Up to now nearly 1000 version of POS software sold box office miracles. “Company VARIO Software GmbH has now nearly 1000 versions of POS software box office miracles” sold. “Sascha hens, developers from the House of VARIO: the success speaks for itself” he responds to the question of whether he himself could have imagined that. “The cash register software box office wonder” has started well 10 months ago in Germany and caused a stir even before the sales start. With the new single solution, the box office miracle”, VARIO offers a powerful Fund with an easy to use interface. The POS software has a modular design and allows to everyone to start with the Basic module and depending on demand, at any time to expand its fund. The software POS wonder “already offers all important functions and characterised by ease of use.

As a hardware platform, a commercially available PC is required. The control of POS peripheral is possible (touch screen, scanner, receipt printer, tray, etc.). Especially for small and medium-sized Company provides this a cheap and efficient business solution. The box office miracle is a complete POS software and easy inventory management. It is easy to learn and clearly structured. Including 31. This month is to acquire the POS software at the price of 199,-euros. Thereafter at the regular price of 499,-euro.

“” With our promotion: at the price of 199,-“we are more than satisfied”, Sascha hens continue. Cash, receipts, ordering with order proposal, goods receipt, customer relationship management, supplier management, Import Wizard, export of customers for marketing campaigns and much more. With the box office miracles from the House of VARIO no problem.