Translation Bureau

The conclusion came by itself: the company is ready help if the customer just puts a simple problem with one "unknown." In complex matters Translation Bureau prefers to shift their decision on the shoulders of the client, a very simple answer: check, and then come. Therefore, money for their services takes relatively few – 30 uah. in one document, without notarization. Speed of order execution in this case amounts to 5 documents per working day. A similar situation occurred in the company "Mova Service. A pleasant male voice the question of the target language fluently translated into the channel estimation. I was asked to be sent electronically scanned copy of the documents.

And after the assessment to make an advance payment for execution related services that are not more nor less – 50 uah. in one document without notarization. But I have promised to complete the transaction in a shorter time – 2 working days. The second task of translation technology documentation from Ukrainian to English was easier in the decision than the previous one. Although among the companies surveyed there has been a clear gap on key indicators. Excellent offer a solution from bp " Morning" and satisfactory by Antar M. A pleasant female voice consultant in the firm Morning gave me complete information about the problem and solve it, and leading questions were not on my side. I was asked, refined details, and I had to invent the complexity literally on the fly. The whole procedure of translation, given the complexity, would have cost me 55 usd.