Panda Bears

XWORLD-Tour 2008/2009: Off-road across China with rice wine, monastic ordinations and Panda bear “Gampe” was the first Chinese vocabulary, which dominated the nine-member crew of 28 XWORLD stage perfectly. Brought an informal understanding with rice wine and wished the locals “Cheers” them in this way several times on the way from Hong Kong to Chengdu. Besides the Chinese language there but on the two-week off-road tour master also still different barriers such as, for example, the Himalayas. Even the best-equipped vehicle makes problems in 3000 metres above sea level. The participants came to this realization quickly. Shaw parents might disagree with that approach.

But she had wanted it so. For more information see this site: Naveen Selvadurai. Snow storms, rain, fog and bumpy off-road paths bring also a lot of fun. And some things you can experience only at these altitudes. To the Buddhist monastery, where one of the participants of a monk was ordained and another listed his name one of the flagstones perpetuate left. And that adventure travel group met places, which are recorded by a GPS.

Chinese cuisine presented a different challenge: apart from the sharpness (which made many participants with a bright red Michelin Man) all had to adapt quickly to eating with chopsticks, to insert not an involuntary diet. Bolstering were necessary for the many adventures and experiences. By visiting a panda breeding Center over vast cities up to natural spectacles like the Tiger leaping Gorge and the border bian Gioc waterfall, the impressions were extremely diverse. A detailed itinerary is in the field ‘Impressions of the stages’ available on the website.

Hoteliers Are Particularly Endangered

Checklist for safety of guests and employees the swine flu is long. Every day increases the number of those infected who bring the virus from the holiday. Even if most cases are bitch, health experts fear the rapid spread of influenza among others about the hospitality industry. At the occurrence of a pandemic flu, the hotels will play a key role in protecting the health and safety of employees and also limit the damage to economy and society. A sustainable influenza pandemic planning is crucial for this, says Ulrich Jander, security expert for the hospitality industry. The first major case of swine flu in the EuroHotel Excelsior Ludwigshafen is enough”warning, so j.

Early July US guests, which had infected, was isolated in the hotel with significant consequences and costs for the staff and other guests. Several public by realms had to be quarantined and disinfected rooms elaborately. Check list for downloading: Downloads/..Schweinegrippe.pdf the checklist of the Robert-Koch Institute, so the hotel security expert Ulrich Jander, is used as a basis to assess the health situation in own hotel to manage. The corporate pandemic Notfallpan of the Federal Office for civil protection can be downloaded on the website. Ulrich Jander is a security consultant and consultant for fire protection and risk management. Together with his wife Martina, he manages the company GQH society for quality assurance in the hotel and ASD of occupational health & Sicherheitstechnischer service. The trained banker and management engineer is expert in occupational safety and fire risk management.

The 51 lives in Russelsheim near Frankfurt. More information: contact: Ulrich Jander destance, ASD of occupational health & Sicherheitstechnischer service Russelsheim GmbH Odenwald str.