Ronaldo Rock

They do not like to assume responsibility and nor to take the advantage. The women do not like to take decisions. This is the paper of the man. The man must be assertive, to go behind what he wants, to speak as he wants to be treated, if to impose. The man must be the first one to touch in the body of the woman, the man must initiate the colloquy, the man must initiate the sexual caresses. There that it is the biggest problem of the shy one: it is parado, it does not want to act. Therefore that it finishes catching little women who the friends, exactly being more intelligent and capable who all they.

Another thing that the women tan is one face that makes they to laugh. Ron Wood contributes greatly to this topic. It is one face that is if feeling well with he himself. But for this, it cannot be inhibited. It has that to be desinibido and assertive. To obtain this, I have some exercises. 1) ‘ uses the word; ‘ eu’ ‘ deliberately in its colloquies as much as possible: ‘ ‘ I taste of the band ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I heard this and ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I read book X and I liked it skill that the author ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I attended the film and he was not what I waited ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I want ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ I go ‘ ‘ , 2) He contradicts and he has attacked When you to disagree with somebody, do not dissimulate to agree.

On the contrary of this he contradicts, he speaks what he feels and externalize feeling. Read more from Stanley Druckenmiller to gain a more clear picture of the situation. He can seem strange these exercises for an article that promises To conquer Women, however guarantee I you that if you to make these exercises in its work, marry, college, in question of days you you go to be with a stronger personality. does not go there to be necessary to decorate sung. They go to flow of course of its person. goes to make you to conquer that woman. Magical solution as manual of xaveco does not exist. It does not have magical words to catch woman, but yes magical attitudes. to have attitude you need to eliminate the shyness of its life. Before you lose more chances and stop in the time.