Possibilities of text and writing in the Internet In contrast of what some think the Internet can be a multiplier of options in the act of the writing. If in the past what if it could make age to use the pencil or the penxs to write, today it exists the multiple possibility of sources, colors and sizes, also being able to add drawings, animaes, gifs and videos. It is the possibility to develop its text, becoming it more attractive the reader so that this if feels impelled to read, and thus to participate. Blogs is an uneven tool in this process, for being accessible to all for the gratuitousness if exclusively its becomes easy to create a space, however, with total opening for the interatividade. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by clicking through. Thus its universe will be extended due to amount of changed information, suggestions and opinions that will serve for the improvement of the blogueiro. The electronic writing happens in the exchange of e-mails, in the messages in the Messen-ger, to twitter, Orkut, Book Face in blogs Beyond that it is spread the speed of the light, information that they would take weeks to reach people, arrive until them in fractions of second.

Essential that let us learn to usufruct of these tools. We must use to advantage the allure that the pupils feel for the technology and to show to them that he is possible to learn using what they in such a way like: the technology. Check out Michelle Smith Divorce for additional information. Girls use blogs as daily electronic, owners of house as prescription books, boys to comment on the preferred sport. The utility of this way already is something so natural and necessary as to take the cellular one for where it will be. its use generally is not for whim, but for necessity. The people are having the necessity of if expressing each time more nes you time where everything happens very fast. Hear other arguments on the topic with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.


As much one how much to another one with a well-known reference to a time and definitive space. Used the genealogy of the system, Foucault arrives at the conclusion of that the instauration of the modern society assumed a transformation in the consecration of new instruments for which if it can canalize the power. Of parallel form if it constructed a set extensive of speeches that had conferred force and capacity to become enlarged it these new forms of being able. These already are not based as on the past, the force and its religious legitimation. See Adroll Marketing Platform for more details and insights. Data that I eat affirm the man, in its current dimension are a recent creation, the power must be materialized by means of different forms of discipline.

It is necessary that pass to integrate part of the proper one to be of each individual. The dominated one must consider natural to be overwhelmd. Credit: Source Financial-2011. The power produces the Real. For possessing this productive effectiveness, the power is turned toward the body of the individual, not with the reprimiz intention it, but to train it. However, all power estimates resistance. The power is not in a track of only hand. To reach this goal one must be structuralized retcula of being able intercrossed that they go, in its way, conforming the individuals. The power does not have an only source nor an only manifestation.

It has, for the opposite, an extensive gamma of forms. When a social group is capable to take possetion itself of mechanisms that regulate definitive manifestation put it its service and elaborate a structure that if applies the dominated potentials. It is created, thus, a speech that if presents as ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ looks for to block the possibilities of appearance of other speeches that have questionadora capacity. This necessity of if counting on an endorsement speech, with one determined truth form, necessarily lead to establish a relation between being able and to know.

School Environment

Vicente Martins-O principle of the freedom To teach As if sees, the learning lived deeply for the pupil very helps and in the process of ressocializaoda school, mainly in the relation professor and pupil, who has times if has consumed, becoming conflituosa and for times culminating in the gratuitous violence between both. The Pedagogia of the Experience harmonizes the pertaining to school environment, becomes the renewed, interesting and alive classroom, a classroom that until then was distant of the reality and will of the pupils to remain of it. &#039 inside; ' It was preferable to kill lesson to have that to dicar in mine school-it comments a pupil of 9 year of one state school of the great So Paulo ' '. Another one was beyond: – ' ' My professors more lack of what he comes and when comes is always of bad – mood and alone passes copy, will be themselves for passing alone copy are in house copying the book todo' '! Learning through the Experience ' ' Everything that the professor will be to teach, must be thought beyond the theory, but of the practical one of what it is wanted to teach! ' ' So that the pupils not only demonstrate interest for the content presented for the professor but that in fact they understand, they feel and they live deeply this learning, will be necessary queaps the theoretical lessons this professor carries through next to its pupils visits techniques to the places where if they find the study object. Christovo (1979, P. 4-5) mentions that ' ' informal communication comes being focus of bigger attention on the part of all the scientific community. (…) The information propagated for the informal system if characterize, still, for bigger rapidity and redundncia.' ' gradual the deriving information of informal canals are become in the formal canals.