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Flag of San cristobal
It consists of a rectangle of three bands out of a home, from the point closest to the pole, with the apex to the right embedded in the central belt. This will be white triangle on which the figure of anger as San Cristobal eponym of the city, which was chosen by the founder, in homage to the place where he spent his youth in his hometown of Salamanca, Spain. The bands that complement the rectangle are: the Higher yellow, red and green the Central Bottom. The actions of the flag will be in proportion lengthwise Two (2) One (1) and the latitude, the upper and lower bands, are of equal measure, to be the Central Band, slightly wider than both, to indicate their wavy lines at both ends.
White Color: Allows background at home, which contains the figure of Saint Kitts and symbolizes the color of the Peace, and the Pro Union go well, closer to the pole, integration and the Christian Faith are indelible feature of our people . The three sides of the triangle means the three main directions of the roads or converge in our city: the East and Central Plains, the Central West and neighboring Colombia, according to the national and international legitimacy Integration prescribed by the Liberator.
Yellow: Banda means higher and the brightest of our climate and space, mineral wealth that surrounds us, apart from being in any way the significant Gualda the Spanish flag that brought the founding captain of the city at that time of the commission actual hearing in Santa Fe Real Provision to Pamplona.
Red: Located in the central band rectangle symbolizes the sacrifice of our brave and early settlers, the Tororo, Kinimaries, Zorcas, Etc. In the hands of the Pathfinder, also means the color of our logo Rio, the primitive people of Torbes founder and now historical and poetic sung by our poets, musicians and historians, like all of which Torbes’ Brisas’ metaphors and inspired the great Luis Felipe Ramon y Rivera to create our state and spiritual anthem. And that course and direction are the meanings in the wavy lines containing the Banda Central and white sides of the triangle is embedded in the band direction from north to south or left to right symbolizes the movement of the evolution and progress of city. In the center of the Central Band of red or red are placed inside the five Sotuer lily silver, symbolizing the surname Maldonado Cap. Founder of the city. Here the honor accorded to both the defense and the bravo bravo conqueror of the region, but not the significance of the value of both races today and then merged knew that represent their respective areas.
Green symbolizes hope, which is always our young people and the greenery and the freshness of the vegetation and climate as our people.
San Cristobal: Its primary significance representation eponym of the city. The patron of travelers and that our town was founded as a station between Merida and Pamplona for those who had traveled to this point or a crossroad, where a rest or break time. The figure of the eponymous (San Cristobal) is in silhouette or in their natural colors (flesh). Himno Nacional de Venezuela. From Wikisource. Jump to: navigation, search … Flag of Venezuela. CHOIR. Glory to the brave people. that …
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Himno Nacional de Venezuela (official letter) … Anthem of Venezuela. Link to this page … Declared the national anthem of Venezuela May 25, 1881. …

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