Strategic Online Game Superogame

SuperoGame – an exciting free online game based on the full communion with the other players. For whom and with whom to fight? Will you be good and edification or to sow chaos and darkness in the depths of our galaxy? You decide. Exciting, interesting, exciting online game – the strategy will allow you to have a great time with friends, leaving behind domestic problems, bad mood and routine. Explore, compete, fight and survive! SuperoGame – it's yours private, personal world, which will change only you! Superogame – new giant densely populated by other players in the universe, consisting of seven galaxies and hundreds of star systems. Each player plays the role of the Emperor own empire, he develops his colony, build buildings, conducts research, builds fleet and defense, may act as a team and individually, the possibility of very broad and multifaceted. Superogame – Free Strategic browser game with advanced and enhanced features. Play with us and become emperor of the universe! More features, more intrigue, more excitement and more ekonomiki.Vy inhabits the planet, explore technology, build buildings, ships, and defense.

And then – most interesting – you take part in the war for space and resources! Once you decide what to become – a player with a strong defense, who does not want or can not be often online or a fighter, conducting daring raids on other people's planets. And you can go far in raids in uncharted territory … You can go! Players can join in the clans for common action, be it defense or attack. You always be able to help a friend and colleague in our browser-based space strategy! But you can stay and 'free like a wolf', do not take anyone's rules and live by their own laws. Superogame – this is a strategic online a game based on the idea of popular online games OGAME.

The uniqueness of this game is that the developers have introduced many new buildings and technology that is absent in other similar projects. In addition, the game has and neunikaltnye. but quite interesting solutions that allow players to make full use of their commanding abilities. Events this browser game is how players on the planet, and in circumplanetary space. At its players develop these planets for mineral extraction, which allows them to build a variety of buildings and develop new technologies. The research process allows players to build new and original buildings, increase the speed of the planets, to raise the level of combat ships. In this game, unlike the 'parent', there are many new technologies and structures that make a game kind of Unique gameplay. For example, the introduction of such buildings as residential area, industrial zone. University, allow developers to bring the game to this strategy. The possibility of combining the complementary structures allows the player to strike certain skills that Ogeym absent. In addition, the game introduced race, use of which still adds originality and unpredictability of the gameplay. Perhaps the most interesting Superogame – it battles between fleets of players. The exact calculation time, savvy, and ability to make innovative solutions enable participants to space battles to get their dose of adrenaline. Actually. and why do we then online games? What is unique about this browser game? Colonization of the twelve planets, fully working with SAB allocation of resources by all the players, the possibility of transportation resources during colonization minichat, opportunity to purchase accounts, forging alliances between the alliances, sample menus, self-storage logs, referral links, banner player, advanced statistics, new technology and crafts, the ability to transfer planets (Teleporter), and more!