Obtain bank credit for the trip to tour in three ways: buy a tour to the loan. Get a regular instant cash loan the money and use it to purchase the tour. Make a credit card. The most convenient first Alternatively, when the tour is purchased on credit. To do this, offering special banking software. Contact information is here: Naveen Selvadurai. Special credits for tours tours Loans are granted for three months, six months or a year.

Refunds on credit is equal to shares. It should be borne in mind that trying to save money, returning money ahead of time will likely not succeed. Banks should not only returned the money, but also the interest on them. And so, he still counted myself the same commission, which originally planned. Sometimes there are incredibly attractive offers such as, for example, 100 thousand for six months under 1%.

But usually they are advertising in nature and are short in duration, in addition, they tend to incorporated additional contributions. Really commission on such sum is 10-12% per annum. People such as Movie Star would likely agree. Cash Loans The main advantage of the loan in cash that the customer decides how to spend it, for example, purchase of the tour. The maximum amount of cash loans are formally almost unlimited. At the request of the borrower's money may be issued in rubles, euros or U.S. dollars. Instant quick loans issued under the simplified requirements. Basic requirements: a permanent job and stable salary. That's enough to give money in the case of express loans actually "an hour". Express Credit expedient to issue, when you need to quickly receive the full amount in cash. It costs more than the usual target of credit for tours by 2-5%.

Bank Accounting

And the newly established firms and even more the already existing on the wound is clear that without accounting now can not live. Gone are the days when accountants were invited only to prepare a report to the tax. And now here in front of the head of the question is: take the staff accountant or apply for accounting support to the audit company? Let’s examine each of the options. A good chief accountant at roar of Labor asks no less than 45,000 rubles, a private accountant with experience in the area not less than 20,000 rubles a month, the courier is not less than 12000 per month, while you pay UST on payroll 26%, personal income tax of 13%. Equipment of one workplace accountant including the cost of computers, furniture, accounting software, reference and legal programs, the Office no less than 60,000 rubles per job. Rental of office space in Moscow for one job a rate of 5 m2 per person will be from 6000 to 20000 rubles to the workplace. Monthly cost of office supplies, maintenance copiers and computers, updating accounting and consulting programs, one-time consultation and Seen accounting seminars.

Total cost of the bookkeeping for small businesses can range from 300,000 to 1 million rubles per year. The cost of errors of the chief accountant is not always possible to estimate the money, and in some cases, it can cost the business itself or freedom.