Wireless Network Area

diverse standards for nets without used wire Exist to uniformizar the use of the nets without wire, most used he is without a doubt the 802,11 established for standardization of local nets without wire. Standard 802.11 has advanced will be boarded. 1.2.1 Nets wireless 802,11 For the operabilidade necessity uniform of different types of LANs without wire, the IEEE (Institute of Eletrical and Eletronic Engineers) formed a group of functioning to explore standards for local nets without wire, it called and it 802.11. In 1997, the IEEE traced standard 802,11 for management of nets of local areas. In this standard he was definite two types of transmission, for the infra red light and the radio inside of the band of 2.4-Ghz. In the following topic we will see some terminologies of nets without wire to continue explanando on standards 802.11.

1.2.2 Basic concepts the nets without wire are composed basically for two types of components: The Access Points (APs), that it proves services the stations associates, and the net adapters I are electronic interfaces in the computers of the customers. Below it follows beyond these other terminologies. Access points: they are devices that the function has to make the management of the nets without wire, between its tasks are: to divide the traffic enters the pursuings of one same net, or to serve as bridge to establish connection nets of different protocols etc. WLANS: it is a very used concept that nothing more is that a local net without wire (Local Wireless Network Area). Beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code Service Set (BSS): it is a set of controlled stations for an only Access Ponit. 18 Independet beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code Service Set (IBSS): They are nets without wire where the stations if communicate between itself without the necessity of a Access Point, also they are known as ad-hoc, where the computers if directly communicate 1.2.3 Standards 802,11 According to Towers, (2002), when the configuration of a WLAN is argued (Wireless Local Network Area) exists some standards, developed or in development for the IEEE (Institute of Eletrical and Eletronic Engineers) that they must be considered: Standard 802.11: it was the first standard consolidated in the sprouting of the nets without wire.