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SEGMENTS AND SELECTING TARGET There are many definitions with lengthy technical explanations, but not entirely necessary since they can define a niche in a simple, clear and understandable: it is a smaller market that a given market. It’s a smaller group of people interested in a certain product or service. These people, not being a market majority, often tend not to find satisfaction for their needs. For this reason, Internet marketing specialists, usually try to find that group of people dissatisfied and design a product, service and website to meet those needs not covered by other companies or organizations.It is vital to find the right market niche, ie to know the profile of those people with special needs, if they desire to please, and if they have the purchasing power to perform compras.Tambi n is noteworthy that the same a segment a market niche. For example, people traveling by plane to go to a distant destination is representing a market segment, but who also choose the “tourist class”, are a niche within that market segment. Before selecting a market niche should be sure that there are or there are few good companies best meet the needs of these people. Given its complexity in the requirements, you may not have organizations that do, but we must also take into account the size of the niche market, ie the potential number of those people who are their clients. It must be assured that the chosen market niche that is large enough to generate good profit to your site.The ideal niche is one that has the volume needed to be able to be profitable in the medium term. Market segmentation is synthesized in a consumer insight, both qualitative and quantitative aspects. But to be effective, this knowledge has to be referred to the particular products and markets where the company is interested. After judging the different segments, the company must decide which should go and how to address them. This is to select the target or set of customers or needs, specificities and that the company can serve. There may be segments that are tailored to the strengths of the company, but it must also consider whether you have the skills and resources necessary to succeed in them. Therefore, the company should see only those segments where it can provide value above and have competitive advantages. There are three strategies of segmentation that can take the company, as market coverage desired or target audience you wish to attend: lack of differentiation, differentiation and focus. The company “Volvo” to manufacture automobiles, should target your efforts to achieve greater productivity and specialization of labor. For this development a division of areas in your production line.These are: Mechanics and engines (Department A) Electricity in the car (Dept. B) Wheels and materials of plastic (Dept.

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