Construction Planners

Whether new construction or renovation – you plan like a pro. Gussek House offers builders and renovators the possibility to plan “meinHausplaner” like a pro. Freely adjustable sample houses and templates, builders can give free rein to their ideas. Dreams occur in heads. As these dreams can be painted and brought to paper, it requires that sometimes additional aid. With the software developed specifically for architectural lay, builders can implement their plans in the blink of an eye and make visible directly on the PC.

So you can plan your House individually. It is very easy to implement alternatives or to optimize and to visualize everything in 3D button. Let yourself be inspired and download the House Planner for free by on your computer. Many mosaic stones give a conclusion. So the service of the GUSSEK concept of the individual house building House Planner highlights, true to the motto “every house is unique”. The prefabricated house manufacturer offers energy-efficient homes with floor plans, the Families as well as couples allows the longed-for living and life concepts. So get a prefabricated house according to your individual wishes! Thorsten Huber

New Technical Platform

Technical information for architects and Bauingeniere to steel structure Munich, June 25, 2008 – the online service by the DETAIL of the Institute for international architecture documentation launches to the 30.06.08 the new specialist steel in its series of DETAILtopics. DETAILtopics is the information platform for architects on various technical subjects. In contrast to other existing platforms, DETAILtopics provides editorial content and detailed project documentation. Here you will find bundled information about specific topics related to architecture and construction documentation, reviews, product information, images and movies. DETAILtopics steel contains the essential requirements to design and sustainability, but also (design) trends, Web tips, current events and detailed project documentation on the subject in English and German in addition to classical aspects of steel construction. Last but not least ArcelorMittal, the steel multinational and world’s largest steel producer from Luxembourg actively supports topics steel and offers extensive information essential guidance on the way to a self-evident handling of steel in the construction industry, as well as to a high-quality steel architecture. A classic building material, steel of its relevance not lost and set new trends in the construction industry. The new DETAILtopics steel refers to the tradition of the steel construction, builds on proven and leads to innovation: whether at the family home, the pedestrian bridge or the high-rise building is steel inseparable from the current architecture scene. “” More existing topics: TOPIC “Digital architecture” TOPIC energy + sustainability “TOPIC back in the city” Institute for international architectural documentation GmbH & co. KG contact Roland Meier Sonnenstrasse 17 80331 Munich Tel.: 089 / 38 16 20 49 fax: 089 / 38 16 20 99 email: roland.meier(at) Web: