The Composition

The most common use in the building of one main type of finish, contributing to the unity of the composition. The combination of dissimilar finishes of panels used in the decision to improve the facades of tectonic expression of the most highly loaded structural elements of the building: open frame of the first floor, separate foundations, slabs or beams cantilever. Purely business nature of these elements emphasizes raw or rubbed smooth texture of the concrete surface, which comes in contrast with more saturated color and chiaroscuro lined or decorated wall surface. Contrasting trim facade elements are used in other composite purposes – to identify these elements and their use in rhythmic-metric dividing walls. Peter Thiel gathered all the information. Contrasting trim is used most often to protect stair-lift units, panels, balustrades, canopies over the entrances and other surface relief panels are used mainly for Deaf end walls in cutting-row or at waist panels for horizontal cutting. Color in the composition of the facades has been active and taken from any point of view. It serves to identify the role of buildings in building, its own plastics and the tectonics.

Contrasting color combinations nyuansnye or used for accentuation pattern cutting structural walls, painting walls and fences loggia balconies. Often used isolation of the deaf ends of houses or block sections contrast of colors, relief, texture and decorative painting. In the urban composition of such color accents are designed to identify its orientation to the basic architectural dominants in the building. In the composition of the individual home they are used to detect various static role of frontal and lateral load-bearing walls non-structural, as well as to break up large homogeneous besproemnoy surface of the socket walls.

Construction Planners

Whether new construction or renovation – you plan like a pro. Gussek House offers builders and renovators the possibility to plan “meinHausplaner” like a pro. Freely adjustable sample houses and templates, builders can give free rein to their ideas. Dreams occur in heads. As these dreams can be painted and brought to paper, it requires that sometimes additional aid. With the software developed specifically for architectural lay, builders can implement their plans in the blink of an eye and make visible directly on the PC.

So you can plan your House individually. It is very easy to implement alternatives or to optimize and to visualize everything in 3D button. Let yourself be inspired and download the House Planner for free by on your computer. Many mosaic stones give a conclusion. So the service of the GUSSEK concept of the individual house building House Planner highlights, true to the motto “every house is unique”. The prefabricated house manufacturer offers energy-efficient homes with floor plans, the Families as well as couples allows the longed-for living and life concepts. So get a prefabricated house according to your individual wishes! Thorsten Huber

Managing Director Kai

Green Office draws with Deutschlandweiter later in 12 cities and 21 service points balance the green office network has become the concept for building and space greening in Germany with the cross ends of the site. Since the start in 2006, object greening specialists have gained notable medium-sized companies and nationwide operating companies as customers. Object-greening and management green office network is a company of independent, owner-managed companies for indoor gardening and hydroponics. Our shared passion is the development of individual concepts for the facilities and care of buildings with plants, pots and water objects”underlines Managing Director Kai-Uwe Funk. Because the individual branches are owner-managed companies, customers get always a personal and expert advice for individual as well as cross-site concepts for building and space greening. Coordinates the regional implementation and support the green concepts the Germany’s headquarters in the Rhine main area. What is the implementation in the real world? Concept example: A European Bank gave us the task to develop a greening concept – including planters and looks, plant care, funding model and Central care billing for the three German offices. Said and done.

The customer has received from us all services from a single source. Corporate design example: an international provider of temporary work with 120 German sites looking for a unified design solution in accordance with the corporate design, which is consistently implemented also in the Interior. We have found the right solutions – together with the central marketing and the architects. Companies are so different, their demands on modern space and object greening are so different. On the way from concept to implementation, many skills of hand-in-hand work. Architecture, space planning, facility management, purchasing, corporate design and many more. We know the diversity of needs in the planning and Implementation phase and we prepare us to individually”so Jurgen garner villages, Managing Director of the branch of Wurzburg.

New Web presence and another service on Google maps with the new website is Green Office Germany information and impressions to visitors of the site. The structured entries in Google maps the BranchenCenter – can quickly spot companies find our offices and there get an impression of our range of services”so Hans Martin Ruof, Managing Director of the Stuttgart branch. The man the best can run only in an ideal working atmosphere. Where he feels, he unfolds his creative potential. Green plants contribute significantly to the perfect indoor climate. And they increase not only the efficiency. Green Office Germany GmbH & co. KG Green Office is an independent, owner-managed companies for indoor gardening and hydroponics company. With 12 Offices and 21 service points Germany wide offers the network individual object greening and service management across locations. The Green Office includes all plants, flower pots and even water objects that are required to achieve your indoor gardening.