Spanish Marketing

There is a wave moving through the world of marketing, and is that it brings change. According to industry experts, service to customers is the new marketing.When you take care of your customers, they feel good about you.When they feel good about you, accompanying you. With email marketing, without sin pensar think pushing the same message to their customer base already is not enough.Don’t care for them.Does not show that they recognize and respect. Let’s take a look at how you can apply the new marketing approach to revolutionize your email campaign. You’ll surely be in relationships with your subscribers for years.

So time spent courting each. It is sent to each new Subscriber an individual message to thank you for joining us.It is fast and small, but a personal touch appreciated. In your automatic response firstly, candidly expressed the hope that they will find your interesting emails. In the next messages e-mail, he challenges readers to reflect on their lives and goals no sale yet.A few messages in place, invites feedback.And then you reply to him. As they gradually introduce products and services, explains, many of these people end up buying and the support to you. Learn more about them.

The best way to learn about your customers is to ask about them. You could: send out surveys that ask about preferences involves its subscribers in social networks use an address of responses that invites, rather than reject them suggests the question: do you read my (emails)? The answers which you can obtain from your own readers will help you to improve the content of your web site. Make the offer if it makes sense. Make sure that each product that introduce is something that your audience wants.Then make sure to prepare for it. Your upcoming products or services, sample dejales to know in which these working. Flint McLaughlin of market experiments suggests that thank existing customers for their previous purchases.This establishes a level of intimacy and reminds them they already trust you. You can also segment; divide the list in new subscribers, mature and veteran.Each segment can be seen the different offerings.Every few months, restored segments. Keep in mind the key of the new campaign is the construction of two-way trust relationships with their subscribers.You want to shop, Yes.But we also need your support of Word of mouth to mouth, their ideas and their goodwill. You have to overcome the resistance until you can even begin the sale, says McLaughlin.