Sergei Zakharov

This method is based on the operation of the sewage pumping plants, which are ready to use products, including storage tank, pump and control device. Unlike sewage pumps are designed to collect household sewage directly into the place of their origin and subsequent pumping into the external sewage system or septic tank. Installation are connected directly to plumbing or appliances. Their operating principle is simple enough – the dirty water from domestic or sanitary device located under a sloping lead-pipe gravity fall into the installation. As you fill the storage tank located inside the pump is automatically activated by the sensor level, removing the contents through a tap-off pipes are in the tower.

Note that in Depending on the scope of the sewage pumping stations or simply siphon off (in the case sinks), or pre-ground (in the case of fecal waste), and then pump out the dirty water. At the same time effluent can be transported not only horizontally (at a distance of 15 to 100 m), but also vertically (3 – 7 m). That is the most important quality makes it possible to have a bathroom in any part of the house, and the presence of the chopper in the design plants eliminates the use of drainage pipes of large diameter (recommended diameter drainage pipe pressure does not exceed 40 mm). "In order to easily arrange the sewer system within the house, – says Leading Specialist llc "Grundfos" Sergei – especially if the bathroom, toilet or kitchen are far away from the riser or below it, you should use compact automatic sewer system.