Online Surveys

For this Most corporate web sites will be required to run the "calculator likelihood of success" or machine screening. After going through it, you'll know exactly how you fit the "here and now." All fair and square. The era of websites ads, which houses a summary of job applicants and employers, will inevitably leave. Remain only a few such sites. To stay afloat, the remaining sites will need to be tunable. Recruiters now need much more than just a summary. In order to adapt to new conditions of existence, these sites will need to become a "recruiting consultants" who will work in Online.

In addition to the resume they will provide information and advice to corporate recruiters about how they make recruiting more efficient. Will have additional functions at corporate websites: The rating system view resume. Rating technology used to view television to distinguish television shows that are like this or that audience. The technology can be applied in recruitment in order to improve the sorting resumes. Online Surveys. All finalists will be automatically poll about the recruitment process. The candidate will be to figure out the pros and cons of the recruiting process, with whom he had to deal with.

This information will enable companies to improve the system of interaction with candidates. Friends of companies – e-newsletters. One of the secrets of a long and successful recruiting – this is building long term relationships with potential candidates. One way to build relationships – this newsletter to friends.