We are living deeply a wave of violence in Brazil that we thought already to be in phase, if not of extinguishing, at least controlable, however, have the urban violence taken the handle for delinquents, that if extends since the capitals, until the small cities and localities of the agricultural zone. We also have an increasing violence in the field motivated for diverse factors and sponsored by different social sectors. But we have the police violence mainly, that it is not a new fact in the Brazilian society, and the press in them presents examples of violncias daily. Our work does not intend to look the causes of the violence in the social problems, is not, therefore of sociological matrix, and yes a work that it aims at to study the historical profile of the violence, policeman, also sponsored for the State, that would have to protect and to give full guarantees to the citizen, but loses its condition of guard of the nation, when its controllers and chairmen start to control the citizen. E, for in such a way, commits the most diverse crimes, of this: the privation of illegal freedom, you censure implicit and explicit, until practical of tortures and the murders. For this it is enough that any person is critical or adversary of the regimen of planto, including itself until personal disagreements so that somebody suffers violent retaliation. The police apparatus always was considered inefficient in inquiries technician-scientific and prodigal in using of violent methods to get resulted, being the torture, in its diverse forms, considered place common in the attainment of confessions and delations, beyond other trespasses that confront the Democratic Rule of law.