Improving Balance

Maintain good horizontal position and dynamics is essential to perform in front crawl or free style. Many people find it difficult to maintain a horizontal position which directly affects the performance and efficiency of the style. Many of the faults found in the breath, push phase and the kick. I will discuss common mistakes and how we can correct. All right, begin by breathing. ERROR 1: Lift head to breathe One common mistake beginners make is to raise the head when you are breathing. This error is completely justifiable, since many people are afraid of them between water and getting stuck.

The problem is that by looking up the rest of the body is forced down, and when you lower your body back and up. This causes long the body will travel along a sigmoid curve, ie the body is walking like a wave. CORRECTION I remind you to breathe in front crawl head must rotate on its axis but not up. The mouth will always be in the back of the wave ( or in the valley). If it costs them, practice breathing in the panda with his feet on the floor. They bend a little and stick an ear to the water. Turn the head so that her face and blow bubbles, turn the head so the ear again without leaving the water, take air and repeat.

ERROR 2: Promote your hand down. This failure to explain a bit in the entry where I used to Mr Smooth to give some tips to swim faster. Many beginners make the movement of the arm under water as if his arms were a few blades of a windmill. If they are moving now where you will find that during a good part of the movement in the palm of the hand is pushing water down. This, by the law of action and reaction of Newton, causes the body to rise, once the palm change direction the body will fall. This again leads to the body moving in sigmoid waveform. CORRECTION To correct this we simply have to make the palm always points toward a direction, which in our case will be to ago. In this way we will use all our strength to push us and not hold us back. I recommend that console down to look like the path of the hand. ERROR 3: Kick Many swimmers learn to propel it with arms, they tend to forget the kick because they feel that not enough drives. The kick in front crawl is key that serves as a stabilizing force. The problem is that if done badly, it ends up slowing. Many beginners tend to splash a lot with the kick, ie make much feet of water. This, like the head, causing it to encroach into the body and are slow. CORRECTION: The feet during the kick should never leave the water. All travel must occur within, because that is where we can generate as much drag. For this alone I recommend you train a lot of kick, and are determined well in that are not emptying the pool. This does not mean that the extent of the decrease kick, this simply means that the movement should be kept in water.