Importance of Blogging

Have a blog or a blog is a good idea. For whom? For everybody. First, humanize the company. Writing regularly in a blog gives the idea that there is a human behind it seized. Shows the desire to communicate with people by the company. Here from experts in the field like Naveen Selvadurai for a more varied view. Breaking barriers. If you thought that our company is like that of Charles Chaplin film, Modern Times, which shows a typical Taylorist factory, where employees work without respite, without contributing anything personal, non-affective commitment, it is wrong, and a blog about the company, for example, is a good way to enhance this picture: there are people behind us. As the epitome of this, we can point to the blog creators.

Of course not all blogs will become as read like this one in particular that massive hyper nature of Twitter, a trendsetter in many respects. But fulfilling the above dramatically. A blog is necessary to meet the need of new content on the site. Google supports the indexing of sites that change often their content. A company may spend much time with your site unchanged. This is fatal to the metric.

A blog constantly provides new material, both for users and for search engine bots. Through a blog can offer extra value, which is so necessary today, for all items. Today, there is no niche market where there is fierce competition. A blog where tips are given, users are educated, and explain important concepts is the ideal way to offer that extra value that will differentiate us from our competition. A blog, and viralizacion of postings, is the ideal way to get incoming links. Offering our material to be cited in other blogs and forums, is an excellent way to get new links to link to our site. And we know that this is the best way to increase the pagerank of a site, and thus achieve substantial improvements in the natural results of search engines. A blog allows customer loyalty. Our customers and users will have extra material, and if they blog useful and attractive, is the best way to make sure to continue visiting our site. A blog educates the consumer. We can use the postings to explain why we selected for the sale of certain products, which have comparative advantage, and how we differ in this aspect of competition. Definitely a good idea to have a blog. The generation of quality content is one of the pillars that make the increase in traffic. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source