GSC Master Provider

Success of attendance at the presentation of vertical solutions for hospitality, Retail and business management on Tuesday, April 12, GSC (Group of Software and Consulting) organized the launch of new vertical solutions from ICG in Madrid. To offer different time possibilities, held several information sessions at the Hotel Villa Real, located in the central street of the Cortes of Madrid, where attendance was massive. You could confirm the growing interest of ICG products and technical and professional support of GSC as master the capital provider. GSC offers comprehensive services to its clients, providing a comprehensive solution to this group. Since the development of a previous consultancy that helps the decision making and identify needs, until the full implementation to customer, its training and service after sales after the acquisition of solutions, software and hardware for hospitality, retail and business management.ICG, present in 24 countries Spanish multinational company trusts in GSC, group of Software and Consulting for the distribution and maintenance of all its products. This new year, ICG provides for the opening of a new factory that will make it possible to increase the staff of technicians and grow in r & d. On this occasion, news about 2 key products for the business management of the sector, were presented as ICGManager (business management comprehensive and integrated for decision-making) and FrontRest (the software TPV of maximum efficiency). ICGManager new dashboards to help decision making, customized by users possibility to apply different promotions through a centralization of data ticket line so that when a TPV is damaged to recover custom settings, without having to reprogram audits: is sent from the POS to the ICGManager information day to make new look of the display of sale FrontRest relevant analysis, viewing the price per item and a new gallery of images offers combo and selection of ingredients for increase sales of products offers delivery with the aim of enhancing sales in certain times Call ID: incoming call identification if connected to a switchboard Hioscreen – new kitchen display system but what surprised us most was the new product CashDro, box that always block.