Another interesting fact is that the date of the holiday 15 Ava comes at a time of birth of people of the zodiacal sign of Leo. Respectively, and Jesus himself was born in fact under the sign of Leo, not Capricorn, and given his date of birth is not random, but quite natural, since the Lion – it is one of the animals that represent many religions, the image of God. Leo is also a solar sign of the zodiac, is identified in the distant past, not only face the sun, but also happiness, and that Adam had already hinted at the true purpose of his coming to Israel in the role of Jesus. But all is not smooth in the bottom 15 Ava and date of birth of Jesus. In Festival 1915 Ava Adam tries to hide the true meaning of its name. To the people of Israel, he remains silent about the fact that this holiday got its name thanks to another day, which at one time was the 15 th day of satanic lunar calendar relevant offensive full moon and carrying the temptation and the lure of all mankind. In the minds of Adam as he is identified with the day when he was out of love for Eve went to the deception and betrayal of their loved ones, as well as Overmind (God). That is why the great Jewish feast of 1915 and the birth of Ava Adam in the incarnation of Jesus on July 30 5 in bc in the information field of consciousness of the universe is tied to a reference point new calendar, marks the beginning struggle with the virus of Darkness. ” The men at the behest of the Queen of Heaven (Mary) are hostages of displacement calendar for 5 years about the true chronology in order to not draw attention of future generations to the start time Apocalypse. Was hidden and date of birth of Jesus, which to a certain point was not to show people the true purpose of the coming of Jesus, is directly related to the basic meaning of the holiday 15 Av.