FEI Military

The political murders became frequent. The Central University and several grammars school were closed, and its teaching went to stop to the jail or I exile in tens of cases. The relations are broken with Argentina and Chile, and it cools off the deal with Mexico and Santa Sede. 1.957, December: On the context of the aim of its mandate " presidencial" (forced to call elections), MPJ fixes a plebiscite in such a way that he was winning. He was reluctant to elections; very hard it had been the defeat of party FEI in 1.952, when the town was decided by Villalba. It was the drop that overwhelmed the patience with the town, of the diverse social sectors, the political parties, of progressive the military component. MPJ reentronizaba with all the aperos that the historical circumstance of its presence in the power generated. Reasons of an announced fall? Sectors of the Armed Forces were suffered of the decrease of prestige of the institution, since the military they appeared it jeopardize with the abuses of the dictatorship, paying broken plates by the excesses of the police repressive apparatus (SN).

The renuencia to call to elections, as it sent the same Constitution reformed by the dictatorship in 1.953, generated the rejection joint of all the forces of opposition. And a president of the Republic chosen by the direct and secret vote requested itself, as he commanded, from more back, the electoral statute of universal vote promulgated by the Revolutionary Meeting of Government who he had struck to the regime of Medina Angarita in 1.945. As it is known, AD and a military youth, by means of the call Revolution of October and its coup d’etat to Medina Angarita, interrupted the political evolution that had begun from the death of Go’mez, having given foot to the successive waves of perpetrated military coups later, that is to say, the one of 1,948 (against the Gallegos), the one of (1,952 MPJ) and the one of 1,958 (against the same MPJ). .