European Space Agency

We are energy, and energy is created nor destroyed, only transforms. Our mind works like a powerful power transformer, which allows us to make great creations. Everything is energy, us, our thoughts, and of course our creations. Any human creation comes from energy is energy It is energy that has been transformed. And the element that has made possible this transformation is the human mind. If we use this transformer positively, we will obtain positive results, while if we use it negatively, the results will be negative. What we deliver is what we receive. If we use negative, it is as if we invest in an electrical appliance wires if we put the Red wire on the black terminal as minimum will jump a spark? I encourage you to pour your energy into what they really want.

In their true dreams. By doing this, they will be investing their energy positively. When concentrate our minds on what we do not want (for example, when) (we spent the time concerned, with fear, complaining, etc.) We are making a negative investment of energy, and therefore the results will be negative. We deliver energy in the wrong direction, and the results are incorrect. We put the wires reversed, and the spark! In every moment we can decide how to invest our energy. It can be positively or negatively, and it is his decision to decide it. There is only a moment, the present moment the now. And now is when you have the full power to decide as you place the cables.

The past does not exist, and the future is created now. It has the power to reinvent in every moment, and decide how to invest your energy. Put the right cables! Use your energy positively in every moment! Use it for what you want to achieve! I wish you every success and happiness in every moment. Dr. Felix Toran? Engineer of the European Space Agency, motivational speaker and author of the book the response of the universe?