World Machinery Market

Recently, however, the domestic Chinese market is showing signs of saturation, causing a build-up of efforts to increase the share of exports. For the first time the growth of export sales of machinery from China began in 2005, and in 2006 was recorded growth in exports by 77% compared with the previous year. China's special now occupies a significant share of the Asia-Pacific market. China has now over 60 manufacturers of special equipment. Manufacturers of high places quite mastered all the segments of this market.

Here are manufactured a wide range of special equipment: a reliable from " Excavator, road rollers from bomag, loaders Ingersoll-Rand, as well as trucks Howo. In this industry, besides the Chinese enterprises operate and incredibly many joint ventures, organized in collaboration with a very well-known brands, such as "Hyundai, Daewoo, Komatsu. Through such cooperation, and increased competition in China came to a place of advanced foreign technology and years of experience. Today, manufacturers from China's strategy to change behavior market and slowly moving away from direct export sales of tractors, trucks and other machinery to create subsidiaries of foreign plants. Tellingly, if before this low price is a key aspect increasing demand for equipment from China (the price of rollers, cranes, tractors, loaders and the rest of the technique were much lower than that of European manufacturers), then today, this increase was due to improvement in reliability engineering, which fully corresponds to international requirements. The reason for this phenomenon appeared as increasing domestic competition and the struggle for growth in export sales of front-end loaders, dump trucks, trucks and the rest of this kind of technology. What about our market, then it first began to conquer the Chinese trucks. A recent sale of trucks, tractors and various other road building equipment from China is engaged in a number of large domestic companies.

As a result – in Russia has delivered more quality equipment, better adapted to the climatic features of different subjects of Russia. In addition to this, but the actual sales of tractors and other specialized equipment, these organizations have started providing services in the service quality level. This also leads to increased demand for equipment from China. As a result – according to various estimates of specialists in the next five years is expected to increase in the proportion of specialized equipment from China to the Russian market will be about 5-10%.