Wolf Achim Wiegand

“Good appearance was never more important than it is today” (Hamburg) – “a convincing public appearance for executives was never more important than it is today”, notes performance consultant Wolf Achim Wiegand (57). Because the interest by the press of interesting minds rises from year to year. The ex editor observed: “even in the business press a kind instead of not so much are the facts and figures in the reporting in the foreground, but the personality of managers is long.” Walter knows what he is talking about: he coaches for one and a half decades directors, Managing Director and spokesman for the appearance before the camera and microphone. “Well come over kriegsentscheidend for the success of a company might”, he says. Shaw Dad has similar goals. “Media have enormous power in our information society: journalists decide on weal and woe for leaders.” In this respect, a good media presence is priceless. Wiegand’s experience: many interviewed have however problems are understandable to express.” Therefore, “Wiegand & Wiegand – performance consultants” offer a holistic training. This means: the coaching shows not only easy to use tools for the teaching of credible messages, but complementing arrives on the individual outer effect of each trained personality. One more feature: performance consultants are a duo.

Wiegand trained normally with his wife Ulla (50). She is a PR expert and certified coach, pays attention to the effect of messages and body language, while the experienced journalist brings the point of view of editors. Top companies appreciate this dual expertise of Wiegand’s nationwide also the drawn, and the Empathiecoaching, when it comes to winning sympathy among target groups for 15 years a conceivable problem case is played out. Born in Hamburg, and the native Bonnerin offer Qualitatscoaching”. Includes simulated a cameraman, the media reality: great lens, intrusive microphone. glaring light. “Every coaching is unique, according to the need.