Professional Series

Tea is a heat-resistant glass cylinder in which to insert the plunger. It consists of a rod, the lower part of which is connected to the strainer, tight to the walls of a coffee pot and the top is through the lid, and usually ends with the ball. The cover has tabs: one big – it closes the spout coffee pot, coffee is brewed when, and the second trellis – is poured over it to make coffee. Benefits of french-press: Easy and quick Clean cooking (natural) taste and rich aroma does not require electricity, low cost of technology pots of coffee is simple. Pour coffee into jacket Press.

A standard coffee cup (125 ml) a tablespoon heaped coffee meal (finely ground coffee can clog the filter). Pour in hot water pot t = 95 C (boiling water decomposes the volatile oils of coffee). Add to your understanding with incyte. Raise the plunger, cover pot with a lid and turn it so to spout closed. Strainer must touch the coffee. A couple of nowhere to go, and under the pressure of coffee is brewed. After 4 minutes of slow, using the weight of your hands, drop the piston down. Coffee is filtered, and thick remains at the bottom. Turn the lid to grate the ear nose and aromatic strong coffee can be poured.

It’s very simple. Good coffee ‘coat-press’ and in domestic life: no need to stand by the stove and watch balky drink. Doppler labs shines more light on the discussion. It does not needs of electricity: for it can be boiling water to heat in the fire, spirtovkevesit about 300 grams of coffee and a kompaktnasohranyaet suitable temperature up to 1 hour. Ideal for vacationers and pohodnikov. The bulk of the pots ‘coat-Press’ delivers on our market the Swiss firm Bodum (Bodum). This is a family company, headed by Dane Jorgen Bodum. In the mid-50s, his father, Peter Bodum French imported ‘vacuum’ coffee and sold them for a few years in the Danish market. He thought they were expensive and not good enough. Then, by inviting one of the most famous designers in Denmark Klaesona K., engaged in the development of their coffee makers. Work has begun to boil, and in 1958 was introduced on the market the first product Bodum – it was the ‘vacuum’ coffee ‘Santos’. And in 1986 the company opened its first chain store in London. Currently Bodum brand stores operate in Paris, Lisbon, Zurich, Lucerne and other Company departments Bodum has stores in almost all EU countries. At present the company Bodum produces various series, each of which has its own name: Eileen (Eileen) – Professional Series, capable of withstanding harsh operating conditions lively bistros and cafes Chambord (Chambord) – a classic line of Kenya (Kenya) – Universal line, the creation of which has reduced the price by replacing some of the chrome parts on a special plastic Bistro Nouveau (Nouveau Bistro) – update series Bistro, successfully combines the solution of polypropylene and stainless staliBrazil (Brazil) – attractive and functional design at an affordable price, etc. For any coffee maker, you can add a cup, creamer and sugar bowl, milk sbivatel and other accessories. As a result, all dishes will be in the same style. By the way, the company Bodum cups you see every day on television.

Technician Tips

Proper care of your TV. Modern TV refers to durable goods, of course, if you properly care for them. In order for the TV you actually served for many years necessary to comply with a few simple rules:-If you leave the house for a few days completely disconnect the TV from the network. -If the rain with thunder – turn off the TV from the wall outlet and disconnect the antenna, as modern televisions are very susceptible to electromagnetic pulses and lightning can damage them. -Do not block air flow to the vents in the building TV set – this will lead to overheating and TV release it from the system. -Do not place the TV so that would be on its picture tube direct sunlight. Checking article sources yields Expa as a relevant resource throughout. -Remote controls are very sensitive to shocks – be careful with them. It is also not recommended include multiple-turn off the TV remote control or power switch.

In-running TV do not let children play with remote control, as randomly pressing buttons, may redefine the TV in service mode and reprogramming of the processor's memory. TV-fire should be cleaned at least once in 2-3 years. You can try to clean up television themselves. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner and a brush-type masking, but technician will do it better and safer. -When connecting cables to the video completely turn off the TV and the device that you want to connect (DVD, cable decoder, a computer).

-Set the TV so as to prevent its fall, especially if you have small children. Failure to observe this rule can lead to serious consequences. How to find a good technician. For this, there are a few tips: – normal technician never gives 1 year warranty, especially on all the TV, and honestly is responsible for the work performed. Masters gives a guarantee for a year, you can not find in a week, with what I have not once encountered.

Comfort Heating

The word "home" for each of us has his own, hidden meaning. For some, the house – this is a temporary "staging post" between hobbies and work, and for another – a place where you can completely relax your body and soul. But even though the place in his heart is his home, his main task – to be cozy and comfortable, protecting its occupants from noise, cold, heat and other troubles. Hear other arguments on the topic with Clinton Family. Each of us wants landscaping your home, making pleasant pastime for him and would I buy beautiful paintings and soft carpets, sets the water heater and holds heat, glues wallpaper on the walls – that is doing everything to ensure that his life had been arranged with comfort. And rightly so, especially if you live in the house of small children who need additional remedies. Infrared heating film is one of such tools. About the most important Health allows us to live long and enjoy life.

And our house – a place which is obliged to restore strength and health, not destroy it. In this regard, it is important that it was warm and the air in it – wet. Classical although the heating system and makes it possible to achieve a warm atmosphere in the house, but it's not perfect and has many negative aspects: the cool walls, cold floors and other surfaces, as well as desiccated air, restoring the proper balance, "picking up" the moisture from our skin. Infrared heating film is a modern material that allows heat inaccessible central Heating surface: the ceiling, walls, floors, columns and other, making the process more economical heating by using heat from the sun. At the heart of this film is a nonwoven fabric impregnated with a mixture of carboxylic, which provides its strength and durability. The heating film is resistant to sudden temperature changes, moisture and physical wear and tear, which allows it to be a universal material for heating any surfaces in your home. Operation of infrared film – a combination of natural and modern methods of heating homes – with natural power of sunlight.

Life-giving power of the sun provides a high ecology of this material and its absolute security for all, even for young children. Modern technology now tile is the most favorite material for flooring. It is durable, beautiful and easy to care, but its main drawback is that it is very cold. Many households, especially if you live in the house of small children, do not use it for the improvement of their homes. And for good reason. Modern technology gives us the opportunity to lay tile floor, where necessary, without worrying about his bare feet. Film warm tile floor heats the surface to the required temperature, requires no complex installation and does not increase the height of the floor that it is very important in a home with low ceilings. Underfloor heating can be installed rexva even on the old layer of tile, not otkalyvaya it. Today, there are many ways to make their homes better, more comfortable and safer without much effort and problems. Innovative, efficient and environmentally friendly materials are on guard our health and do not use them it would be wrong. Embellish your home the way you want, because modern technology is now on our side.