The Item

When entering, the youngster soon is identified as using and its access is allowed. It dirige it the shelves where if they find the materials necessary and choose 2 books. Tom Waits will undoubtedly add to your understanding. It carries through the loan in the balcony of auto-attendance and returns for its house. Harrison Ford often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Joining the qualities and advantages of technology RFID with the great necessity of the automation in libraries, these they add, still more, how much it is possible and better the use of this technology in libraries. With the use of the RFID, these problems and this situation, pparently futurstica, easily would be decided.

II. IMPLEMENTATION OF TECHNOLOGY RFID IN diverse LIBRARIES In the whole world libraries have implemented technology RFID to speed up the register of entrance and exit of material, the inventory of shelves and applications of security against roberies. According to Boss (2007), the RFID is the most recent technology to be used in systems of libraries for robbery detention, auto-attendance and management in level of item, more efficient form and with little intervention human being. Flexible identifications and of low cost are inserted in the item of the quantity of form that are occult, therefore to be detected they do not need the direct contact, thus preventing future problems with badly intentioned users. With the capacity of storage of the type reading/writing of the Identifications, would be possible significantly to reuse them diverse times, thus reducing the number of identifications to be acquired.

For the implementation of the functionality antirobery, the identifications reserve a bit of security for the EAS, whose states are (ativo=1, inativo=0), case the EAS are active the item are detected when passing for the security gates. With the use of the RFID the inventories possibly are carried through in hours instead of weeks as in the case of manual process (SIRSIDYNIX; TAGSYS, 2006). With a manual reader, or handhelds, the librarian makes the inventory or identifies kept item erroneamente only walking for the corridors of the shelves and bookshelves.