Photography as a Social Statement

The artist, who was National Photography Prize in 2005 and began in 1987 with the completion of its first massive photo “TOI BARBARA rappelling, representing the story of Atalanta and Hippomenes the Cibeles Fountain, Tribute to Machado in Soria 2006, brought together in 2006 in the Plaza de Cibeles to more than 600 people in a similar performance whose purpose was to denounce the abuse and violence. Convened in 2007 and photographed over 1,500 people in the Plaza de Oriente image awareness campaign for volunteer of the Community of Madrid, or in 2008 in the Plaza of the Aqueduct of Segovia, performed more than 400 volunteers a tribute performance to water and the moon by 2016. On this occasion, the objective was to capture the hundreds of Madrid hope to have a child in a few minutes and express the will of many people to be parents, to capture the full force of their desires, making the dream of all attendees to become in a unique and wonderful desire to give new life. In the words of the Ouka Leele: “I love the risk of working live with an excessive number of people will never know whether one or thousands and that is very exciting but not always scare stops. Then the creative act happens and we all bathed in magic. This time I hope that the dream of conception is what moves us. Bring children into the world is something sublime.

” These images will become the source of a work of art in which the artist combine photography and painting, tap and stamp of the artistic staff of the photographer of Movida and his particular way of reflecting reality, using techniques that are so characteristic of his style as engraving or photograph in black and white selective color. The new portal of Merck Serono, Biotech Division Chemical German pharmaceutical company Merck, has the backing of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF) and the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO), and is included within awareness campaign about fertility. He sees the website provides all the necessary information to those couples who are considering having a baby or are already in the process. It can find answers useful and stringent conception and pregnancy, find out which aspects let you know if a couple is physiologically prepared for parenthood, find out about prenatal care, and obtain useful data and contrasting the techniques and fertility treatments available.