Only in that way a leader can multiply and prepare to be in many places, and pay attention to many things at the same time. Inability to organize details. An efficient leadership requires ability to organize and control the details. No genuine leader is never too busy to do anything that can be asked in their capacity as leader. When a man, either as a leader or Assistant, admits that he is too busy to change plans, or to pay attention to an emergency, it is admitting their incompetence.The leader of success must be whoever controls all the details related to your position.

This means, of course, has acquired the habit to relegate the details to capable assistants. Emphasize the authority of the leadership. Efficient leader teaches through the stimulation and is not intended to frighten his followers. The leader which seeks to impress his followers with his authority falls into the category of leadership by force. If a leader is not really, you don’t need to announce it, not to be by their conduct, i.e., with sympathy, understanding and sense of Justice, and showing, also, who knows his work. All this can be added other factors that have led to failure management, such as leaders: When you begin to conceive the managerial work in function of networks and dependencies not hierarchies and formal authority, arises a series of interesting implications.

Not knowing properly face the changes, transformations. Make excessive use of power, the threat Be too ambitious, exclusionary. Does not properly handle the motivational incentives based on the correct use of the talent of its members that accompany it Not knowing how to properly manage equity, justice, recognition. Not be willing to assume the changes occurring in the world of companies Focus on the problems, rather than that the objectives Unaware that appropriate responses are not always.