Andrei Tarkovsky

This is, in fact, a sign of the process improve the art form. According to Andrei Tarkovsky, every emotion the subject of art should be converted into the tranquility of the form. The author is at the same time as it disposes of its product by itself, and it, like his child begins to live his own life. Evaluation criteria. The criteria for the integrity of the composition of art photography are: 1. The compositional simplicity, clarity, conciseness image.

'A great artist, as well as mediocrity can sometimes create and bad things, but never anything extra. " H. Heine) 2. Subordination of minor element composition of primary, harmonic relationship of their emotional, logical and aesthetic qualities, the plastic unity. 3.

The need for all elements of the composition. Composition should be formulated so that it was impossible to remove any one part without affecting the whole. 4. Easily Coverage at a glance, at once the whole thing this way, the essential feature of creativity in art photography is to bring the parts into unity, adding, comparing, composing an image – all it's apt definition of the Eisenstein, includes the concept of 'montage of attractions'. And if traces of this work in the photo is not visible, in front of us did not imprint photographer, but merely a reporter with the narrator's place events. Alas, most of these pictures, their composition is trivial and is reminiscent of a bad theater, when the whole interest of the scene is limited pervoplanovym action. In contrast, in a holistic we do not see a combination of objects, and a derivative of inspiration of the artist. This picture conveys not the reality of objects, persons, situations, but the reality of their perception of the author. Practical ways to more clearly assess the integrity of the composition rather simple and universal principle for the evaluation of any composition; it can be any trick to look at the image of 'general', a new way: look at the picture through a dense filter or narrowed eyes; flip photo from left to right, top to bottom, or invert the image; postpone the photo for a while, then to look at it with fresh eyes.