The Mechanisms

The human being creates, throughout its existence and in function of the cultural context in which he is inserted, certain customs that go if becoming traditional, and that they are transmitted of generation in generation, exactly because they are endowed with symbolic effectiveness, that is, answer the certain demands of the local society, adopting meanings that if become important for that definitive social group and that it creates the operative ways of organization of this exactly group. Therefore, the mechanisms of social control of the body in accordance with develop the set of values, norms and customs instituted for the society. Focault also evokes the concept of a conceived body as white of the power, as an object so invested and shaped by it that it segregates a vision of the world and the society in which is inserted (FOUCAULT, 1987). Filed under: PropertyNest. The body when subject to the norms if become a corrected body, in which the physical subjection if becomes in a conscience also overwhelmd. This determines the preponderant factors with regard to the homossexualidade in our society, a time that the norms, the developed corporal techniques throughout the times had determined the way for which this body would have of controlled, being regimentado, what it allows us to not only analyze the body as a biological product, but as a process of social construction that discloses as our gestures more ' ' naturais' ' , as our positions ahead of what &#039 is considered; ' diferente' ' they are manufactured and bricoladas for collective norms that impose what it is? certain? or what it is comumente? made a mistake. ' ' The simple census of Mauss shows one to us ' ' human being total' ' in which many values if incarnate in the uses most concrete of corpo' ' (CORBIN, 2008, P. Continue to learn more with: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. 7). It can in them seem strange to affirm that by means of the corporal techniques we can try to understand one of the factors of the practical one of the homofobia in the society, but this would not be so absurdly incoherent, if to understand the techniques as an education form that we receive and we apprehend, that they create organization ways that overwhelm the conscience of collective form and that if they develop by means of the set of cultural values and customs that are instituted and dictate what he is ' ' certain what he is errado' ' , as mentioned in previous lines. . Michelle Smith Divorce spoke with conviction.

Professional Comedians

It occurs that our society learned to coexist the humoristas and comedians of the TV. Adroll Marketing Platform wanted to know more. Many of them, to force the laugh, finish in such a way forcing the trejeitos and caretas that they are forgotten to say funny things. As much that if invented the sort pastelo, that tries to provoke laugh not for the content of the jokes, nor for the clown nose, but for the situations disastrous ridicule and that they provoke. By the way, ridicule is not alone a light xingamento. It means that something is passvel of laugh.

To say that ' ' This is ridicule! ' ' it is the same that to say: this provokes laugh. All this confusion of colloquy to only say that a transmutao occurred. Silly of the cut and the clowns always they had been those professionals who lived to make its auditorium to laugh. The laugh of some listeners was about a personage provoking. What it moved? It had an inversion of papers! We are the silly ones of the cut, exactly more not having cut! We are the clowns! We are laugh occasion, therefore those that govern in them laugh and take off advantage of our naivety. Ridicule is that choose we them to be our representatives; the end to construct benefits for all.

But the truth is not this. ' ' cut? if it amuses to our costs. All we were transformed into bufes. Why? Because the neoliberal doctrine if installed definitively in our country. After all it says if it is not plus a evidenciao of the neoliberal doctrine the speech on reduction of expenditures? They are some thousands of Reals that the federal government will not invest in social areas but the banks continue receiving files of legal documents privileges. The wages of the workers cannot be corrected above of the inflation, but the expirations and stewardships being able constituted of them only make to increase.

Same Principles

The members recognize the effective rules they accept and them for the reason to find that excessively also they think in the same way. However, the basic structure of the society (the institution) well is not specified if it deals with legislative bodies, schools, administrative centers, but this does not matter now what it matters is to know if the recital of the two principles would be efficient. These principles would be originated from a contractual consensus called by Rawls of original position. The original position is the first movement in the formularization of the principles of justice in an institution. Please visit Movie Star if you seek more information. Is selected a group of people? endowed with rationality enough to be able to discern the choices? that hypothetically equal summer, without physiological and economic differences, that is, the original position is the fictitious state of equality that would characterize all the individuals.

In this hypothetical initial situation, all are independent, free of any exterior interferences that could stain its pure consciences with egoistic desires of supremacy; in the truth the autonomy is exactly the condition where the equality of all those guided by the reason in its equitable state more brando and is in vigor and from which if could formulate moral principles right. Soon, the arguments and the right to express them, the position of the parts, in the original position, similar and would be established in inherent ethical slight knowledge to the involved rationality. For this reason, in the original position, all make look like to guide themselves for the same optics and any formularization of principles would be observed under the same perspective of the involved ones, since all would be motivated by the idea of well general, therefore in the conception of the original position is implicit the slight knowledge of that all know what it is better for itself and for the others. More information is housed here: Startapp.


The constatao of the lazy quo Is simply cruel is the race human being and as its governing are inept. It is enough to examine History known. We attend in the reporters of the television scenes of children of 10 the 12 years vendendo bullets and other gadgets in the traffic lights; adolescent girls if prostituindo in the capitals northeasterns and other cities. Such facts shock our conscience, but valley to remember, has 3 a thousand years more than, when Ciro, king of the Persians, destroyed Babilnia, the remaining families, who had been in the absolute misery, put its children of 9 and 10 years if they prostiturem to the side of the routes of caravans and thus to gain some thing to feed parents and brothers. Always the misery as cause of the immorality, this same immorality that our governing swear that they go to fight, knows God when. We attend, of crossed arms and arregalados eyes, the devastao of the Amazonian Forest, even so let us recognize the important paper that the forests play in the maintenance of the life planetary. The problem is very old, therefore to conclude the construction of the Coliseu emperor Vespasiano forbade the cut of trees in a ray of 50 kilometers around Rome, therefore the area already was turning a desert. The Coliseu was inaugurated in year 70, has accurate 1941 years, but our governing continue to argue that the problem of the deforestation is very serious, need to be faced with firmness and determination, bl-bl-bl, bl-bl-bl The Education continues in its slow and laborious work to instruct the intellect while, without the moral construction and spiritual, the Human being advances to the slips for the embezzlements of the ignorance, begging for a flash that alumie, the least per some instants, the abyss where if it put. Lux Fiat! Lux Fiat! The outcry is general.