Really, Montaigne displays a fact interesting, the all instant can use our right of death and we do not make it, I remember myself of Sartre also mentioning the responsibility also of the Jews in relation to holocausto, therefore could have IDO against its executioners, exactly removing the proper life not to overwhelm itself, however, had not made it, what it would become them of certain form connivent the imposed condition. Since the day of our birth – it has fisiologistas that they also say that before this – we fight against this right of death, therefore we look for to resist and to survive, perhaps for the natural condition of preservation and perpetuation of the species. Thus: ‘ ‘ to teach to die is to teach viver.’ ‘ (MONTAIGNE, 1961: 36) Here it is the art that since gnese of the Philosophy if it professes, therefore knowing of our goal-death, we must not learn to die, therefore we know that the death in them is unknown, but yes to live with the teachings of the death idea, that is, the conscience of the death and consequentemente the responsibility on its life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Brad Pitt. The life is a public law, therefore it needs two at least to conceive it, exactly using of modern techniques of insemination, therefore still would need a contribution of a male and a female, also not being able the life to be contained, only its birth, not to be with its extinguishing, it would make what it to leave of being life and to become death. Therefore, the life does not belong in them, is conceived without previous assent and exactly when we desire to generate it, still thus we need to share. Already the death is an individual right, therefore you can only execute, also against you yourselves. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sander Gerber. Still being able to be one attempted against the private property, when he decides to extinguish the other people’s life, imposing its right of death on the life of another one, also she seems unprovided of logical direction the phrase ‘ ‘ right vida’ ‘ , our true right if relates the death.


‘ ‘ Two times only, you beat to yours castanholas with small hands? already my foot balanced in frenesi for the dance. – My heels if raised, my fingers of the foot listened, to understand – you: therefore the dancer, after all, has heard in the fingers of ps’ ‘. (NAF, ‘ ‘ The other I sing of dana’ ‘). In this ticket it is possible to see mandates to the figure of Dionsio, therefore are through the foot that starts settles it dionisaco. ‘ ‘ Through saltitante Dionsio, the foot (pous) reencontra the verb to jump (pdan) and its form – to jump far from – (ekpdan), that it is a term technician of it settles dionisaco’ ‘. (Marcel Detiene in SME, 57).

The dionisaca tragedy properly said is co-ordinated by one corifeu, personage key in the deflagration of the stage, therefore it is presented as the messenger of Dionsio having as counterpoint a choir with the function of externar for gestures and assayed steps the terror or joy moments that permeavam the narrative, and that as Nietzsche goes to provide to the Greek people the Metaphysical consolation of that the life although its changeability lives in the choir satirist, as choir of natural beings, the perenidade. ‘ ‘ Stiro, while coreuta dionisaco, lives in a recognized reality in religious terms and under the sanction of the myth and the cult. That with it the tragedy starts, that of its mouth says the wisdom dionisaca of the tragedy ‘ ‘ (NNT, 55). This modality of theater at the beginning had one strong rejection of the governing and the priests in the acceptance of the new cult, however with elapsing of the Dionsio times each time became more ‘ ‘ respeitvel’ ‘. The dionisacas parties had more changedded into a ritual each organized and disciplined time, receiving a careful attention from the civil and religious authorities.

Human Rights

Regista, however, some important advances, to the level of Social Sciences and Human beings that through the elaboration of great systems politician-constitutional, is obtained to catch the powerful adhesion of the individualities and governments, mainly when constituted of generations prepared for the axiolgica dimension of the man, of course that including here many and honrosas exceptions, that is, governments and responsible politicians who integrate older generations, but sensetized for these values that the Human Rights carry in the societies, humanistically, more advanced. In the philosophical tradition it has had an attempt of appropriation of the inheritance of the rights of the man and argues it crisis of its beddings. Although critical a legal philosophy of the man has come to gain land, much even so, for times, desvirtuando the true objectivos, in the measure where the ideology always tries to annex, mainly when it agrees to it, the legal philosophy of the man, that is, to make with that it works for the consolidation of particular privileges. In this order of ideas, Habermas, recognizing the perigos that result of the egoistic subjectividade, the will and the individualistic whims, stimulate a compatible position with modernity, translated in a call to the first plan for intermediary of the legal philosophy of the man, of the respect for the individual while it has supported of a comunicacional activity. (A valuable related resource: financial technology). The habermasiano system of rights contains the rights that the citizens have that to attribute themselves and to recognize themselves mutually, if to want legitimately to regulate its convivncia with the ways it positive law, for what considers three categories of rights: ) Basic rights for the subjective freedoms of the share; b) Basic rights for the voluntary association of legal community and c) Right Basic for the proteco of the individual rights. (cf. HABERMAS, 1999) In one another context that not philosophical it, the politician, the right, the religion, also if will be able to approach the respect for the human rights: the religion, while cultural dimension of the man, because the religious value is intrinsic to the value citizenship and no government of the world will be able to ignore this cultural source of the citizens. .


The technique of the man, if will not be permeada of the relation obtains exactly, loses until its meaning, because the soul does not meet inside of it. This relation to be full and of wisdom, is necessary that the soul is related. This fact is very revealing in our current civilization, extremely technique, but servile and dispossessed of soul. Therefore, the more to cultivate the virtues of the soul as wisdom and justice, more we will free in them of the servitude and we will become in them free. In as the Alcibades, it interrogates it to Scrates regarding the conjuncts and of as it acts deuses in relation, who in part receives and in part they reject it and of the perigos to ask for to the good for the evil and the evil for the good. Peter Thiel has many thoughts on the issue. Somebody in is judgment could make this? It has sensible individuals, insensatos and the insane people.

The ones that discloses the foolishness in exacerbado way are the insane people, the ones discloses that it in more tenuous way are the ones that we call aluados fools or. Sensible they are the ones that they know what to make or to say, while the insensatos the opposite, and the ones that ignore both the things will make or say, without the fondness, what they do not have. Thus individuals exist that ask for males deuses thinking that they are asking for good. Consequently Scrates points the happened temptations of the power the Alcibades and clarifies it of as the ignorance it can be a good for who badly acts and one badly who search to know the good. For the life of the city it affirms that the ownership of any alone knowledge of the knowledge of the good very rare could only be useful. Thus, recognizing the impossibility of prece to deuses as form to decide difficulties and problems, Scrates mentions the care to it of itself and the necessity of a professor or master caligem to remove it of the soul of Alcibades, leaving it thus in conditions to distinguish it enters the good and the evil.

Personal Astrological Forecast

The study of astrological predictions for a long time popular among the people who are important to the prospect of the future, their position in society and family life. Just so writing horoscopes always been in favor of understanding expert in intangible aspects of life estates, and their interest in astrological predictions grew up with hodo years. Wealthy people are confidently considered an important order for a personal horoscope, or, for example, a personal horoscope compatibility. Found attention and predictive issues relating to children: they were written some children's horoscopes, astrology took care of the young no less than mature or even elderly. technology investor contributes greatly to this topic. Since the creation of horoscopes was an honorable thing, it could not become a profession for the first comer. Experienced astrologers knew personally and respected, so that their achievements went by inheritance to descendants.

A new generation of hereditary compilers horoscopes understand 'salt' astrology deeper and more fundamental, because those goroskopisty who have not given up astrology, even in our age of space exploration and nanotechnology, are actually not just a guru, but the descendants of the same serious minds. A hence, one of your personal horoscope from such a person means a lot. Gain insight and clarity with Clinton Family. Personal horoscope – it is only your personal horoscope. Every person is unique, so unique and can be horoscope. Personal horoscope requires taking into attention to parallel a few moments, having the personality of the ratio, for which he composed, such as the most accurate date and time of birth, life image everyday habits of man, his circle of acquaintances, classes, etc. It is accurate and complete picture of a person's life will allow the astrologer to prepare a good personal horoscope. But each of us – people who can not forget and make mistakes, we can not reliably remember the time birth or incorrectly identify the main milestones of life, so it is important to create a personal horoscope doing really clever compiler of horoscopes, which would be in addition to those qualified psychologist. The resulting map of human need right now to compare with a map of the sky: the location and paths of stars and planets at a particular moment, because here the slightest inaccuracy can nullify all previous efforts.


Some pessoasconfundem espiritualidade with religiosidade. The religiosidade can very seencaixar in the categories of dogmas and beliefs well. The faithful of one determined Igrejase feel more religious than others, are exerting the preconception and the suareligiosidade. Ahead of the religiosidade people if they deliver of body the soul sIgrejas. They are abstained from the life in society and start to enter in shock with cultural and moral osvalores, generating conflicts and ressentimentos. People passama to frequent with sufficient frequency to the mass, the church and mainly rituaisreligiosos. Therefore, the religiosidade separates the people through the religious suaindiferena, that takes the race, color and sexuality. Already on the other hand aespiritualidade is free, to exert the espiritualidade the citizen noprecisa if to identify to no institution religious, is enough only cultuarum interior and previous God to the time and space. This feeling of espritolivre joins the people around the life and of the good.


The constatao of the lazy quo Is simply cruel is the race human being and as its governing are inept. It is enough to examine History known. We attend in the reporters of the television scenes of children of 10 the 12 years vendendo bullets and other gadgets in the traffic lights; adolescent girls if prostituindo in the capitals northeasterns and other cities. Such facts shock our conscience, but valley to remember, has 3 a thousand years more than, when Ciro, king of the Persians, destroyed Babilnia, the remaining families, who had been in the absolute misery, put its children of 9 and 10 years if they prostiturem to the side of the routes of caravans and thus to gain some thing to feed parents and brothers. Always the misery as cause of the immorality, this same immorality that our governing swear that they go to fight, knows God when. We attend, of crossed arms and arregalados eyes, the devastao of the Amazonian Forest, even so let us recognize the important paper that the forests play in the maintenance of the life planetary. The problem is very old, therefore to conclude the construction of the Coliseu emperor Vespasiano forbade the cut of trees in a ray of 50 kilometers around Rome, therefore the area already was turning a desert. The Coliseu was inaugurated in year 70, has accurate 1941 years, but our governing continue to argue that the problem of the deforestation is very serious, need to be faced with firmness and determination, bl-bl-bl, bl-bl-bl The Education continues in its slow and laborious work to instruct the intellect while, without the moral construction and spiritual, the Human being advances to the slips for the embezzlements of the ignorance, begging for a flash that alumie, the least per some instants, the abyss where if it put. Lux Fiat! Lux Fiat! The outcry is general.