Appreciating Rome

Rome is one of the largest Italian cities with a Mediterranean flavor. Thanks to its pleasant climate and its charming people, enjoys a large influx of tourists. Its nightlife is quiet shooting, but the shortcomings of the night amply supplemented with cultural and archaeological attractions. Still, partygoers will not be disappointed if they give to the premises specified. Although certain that even the most discerning would be happy with a walk in the moonlight on the river Tiber. The typical Roman night begins with a dinner in the company of a set group of friends that extends past midnight (also deeply rooted in Spain). The a madrugadoresa prefer to be what they call a the Aperitivoa , a cold snack to accompany a glass of wine. After a copious dinner, people usually move to the downtown bars to take the first drink.

Most of them have nice terraces where you sit Roman nights cool. Two of the most popular for or copying are the Old Town (dea Campo Fiori and Piazza Navona) and Trastevere. Both the Italians and tourists frequent these places, ranging from the most modern to the most traditional, Apara everyone! If you're looking for drunk as when you were young, then the Irish pubs are everywhere are made for you to get a little drunk it's best to get a good dance. Testaccio, area of the metro station and Via Hostiense Pyramid are the areas with the greatest influx of nightclubs, but in summer most of them closed and the nightlife moves to the coast. The nightclub Goa is the most famous in Rome.

It's the hippest local city and is often frequented by celebrities such as football players Rome. Other fashionable restaurants are La Maison (Vicolo dei granaries) and ArtCafe ((piazza di Siena). Most local usually close early, about 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning. To go Back home there is a great night bus fleet move around the metropolitan area. Rent the best and enjoy the nights in this fantastic city.