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The tiny new development of Julius K-9 is developed from available immediately in stores July 13 2009/Gaby Gunther for almost 15 years and produced Julius K9 BT. (www.hundesportartikel.at) headquartered in the vicinity of Budapest/Hungary the most comfortable and safest dog harness in the world. Almost as long, these are original power harnesses Julius k-9 service dog schools and rescue dog teams used in Hungary and Austria. It was a matter of time before the demand by family dog-owners would be. The original Julius K-9 power harness already developed years ago to a self-perpetuating, which were often copied, but never reached the sophisticated quality of Julius K-9. Safety: only products with the original Julius K-9-maximum safety and comfort for dog and owner grant logo in the inner lining of the harness and hang tag! The attached with Velcro fastening at the side and interchangeable logo labels are communicative specificity of the power harness. For the normal There are now over 1000 different labels, always providing could faces and laugh the dog can talk (in the interest of the vaccinations) sizes! The safe and comfortable original power harness by Julius K-9 is now available for puppies and Kleinsthunde available. It Kleinstgrossen were in demand again and again that demand rose and rose!”explains Julius Seb?, head of development at Julius K-9 BT, his commitment.

And, as also the safety of small breeds of dogs or puppies is dear to us, we want to equip them as safe as humanly possible as well as the large breeds.” Currently 14 different logo labels are adapted to the affine Faculty of language, “the tiny, available. Click Naveen Selvadurai for additional related pages. Julius Seb?, creator and producer of the original Julius K9 harnesses, is native Hungarian and originally studied engineering in Budapest. His great technical understanding, his knowledge of dog training, the attention to detail and its great Animals became one of the most important foundations for its business. 1997 Julius K9 supplies BT almost all police service dog schools in Hungary and Austria with his original power harnesses and the accompanying accessories such as collars, protective clothing, linen, learning toys. Since 2000, the Hungarian flagship company supplies most of Europe. The entire development, production, manufacturing, and logistics is handled by the family-owned company with its employees and subcontractors in Hungary. The retail is supplied through authorized wholesalers, offering original Julius K-9 products for dog use and for private use and expert advice to.

Julius SEB? and his wife Aniko Bakos have even a 10-year Sheepdog named Kyra and most recently a small, 7-month-old, former Hungarian strays girl named Csupi (snow ball), which naturally has chosen Julius and Aniko as her new family. The girl was followed by the two over many kilometres, she found and moved into their new home without being asked. A small Streunermadchen with particularly good instinct. Press contact PRessePRojekte.de Gaby Gunther forest schulstrasse 28 81827 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 456 654 91 Mobile phone: + 49 (0) 173 52 77 330 E-mail: Website: contact Julius K9 Centre Julius K9 BT. Mrs Aniko Bakos Fas u. 11. H-2310 Szigetszentmiklos/Hungary tel/fax: + 36 (0) 24 515 560 E-mail: Website: contact dog & sports Hungenberg Mr. Dirk Hungenberg wholesale North -, West – and South Germany Marie-Curie str. 10-14 D 41515 Grevenbroich phone: 02181 1645 898 Fax: 02181 1645 899 E-mail: Website: and contact Tom’s Kennel – K-9 Germany Mr Thomas Tiege wholesale Berlin and Eastern Germany of Emmental str. 43 D-13407 Berlin E-mail: Homepage: