Supercopa Player

" But it has yielded it to me in a gesture that him honour, because it is a special number for m" , it has kept awake. The player of Arenys of Sea left the Bara with 16 years to file by the club ' gunner' but, for him, " it seems that he was ayer". &quot knows that; perhaps dolida&quot is much people; to also leave to the club of its loves and that then " it is not easy to return to trust a player who went in categories inferiores". Nevertheless, it knows clearly that it will convince the skeptics who to repescar it have been a success. Back it leaves an equipment that occurred everything it, the Arsenal, and a trainer, Arsene Wegner, for that only has affection words: " If today I am here, great part is thanks to him. There are no sufficient words of gratefulness. I am always going it to have in my head and my corazn" , it has stressed. To its new trainer, Pep Guardiola, also has thanked to him to bet by its return.

" They have been quite long weeks, months of suffering because you do not know where you will play, and it has demonstrated to his confidence at any moment &quot to me; , there is underlining. Now, the Catalan midfield player delay to convince the technician of Santpedor that has site in the present Bara: " To only be able to add something to this equipment and to improve it just a little bit, already would do the happiest man to me of mundo" , it has affirmed. Cesc will train already this behind schedule with its new companions and could make debut the next Wednesday in the return of Supercopa of Spain, in the classic second of the season. " I physically am very well, preparation to play, but that depends on ' mster'.