Job Search

The work itself is looking for you. Consider, in this case and the fact that not all vacancies are published in open access and Some companies prefer to search only on published summaries. JL: What should I consider when publishing a summary of the Internet portals (websites) on the work? IR: If you are afraid that your current job learn about what you are looking for, publish the information so that it was not clear that it directly you. Many portals (websites on) make it possible to publish information about themselves, indicating only the name. When publishing the Internet can not specify the names of companies where you worked, but only specify profile of their activity, can also not specify the place of your training, and indicate only the level of education and profession / qualification. The phone number you can use a specially purchased for the period of job search.

Pointing contact phone number, well even specify the time when you can call and you will be able to answer all possible questions on your summary and record information about the time of the interview. Always pay attention to the conditions under which the portal (the site of the work) will provide access to contact information with you, or post your resume on 5-10 portals (Web sites on), you'll be wondering – why did no one calls with offers of work. Now, the decline in the budget for the staffing and financial crisis, not every company pays for services paid portals (websites about work) and pays for the contact information of candidates. IMPORTANT: Post your resume only on the portals (websites) of the service, which is free for employers! JL: Thank you. Guide them up: for Job Search 1.Sostavit need a professional resume and desirable to consult with a specialist regarding its correctness. 2.Razoslat information about themselves in the widest possible range of sources (staffing agency and published open positions) 3.Opublikovat resume to the greatest possible number of Internet portals (websites) on the work, drawing attention to the conditions under which the portal (website) will give potential employers your resume and contact information. Try to use the Internet for publishing portals (websites) whose services are free for employers. (For candidates portals (websites) on the work, as a rule, all free of charge). Good luck in your search work and no crisis you will not be scary!