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Mercedes opts for Karlsruhe Infotainment system solutions in the field of communication and networking the MOST, 27 July 2009 SMSC, a leading semiconductor manufacturer Advanced mixed-signal, today announced that its network technology media oriented systems transport (MOST ) is used in the new E-class Mercedes as part of the Infotainment System. MOST is the standard bus for Infotainment across Mercedes series. The use of must, which began with the introduction of the previous E-class model, is now in the second round. “We are pleased that MOST of Daimler’s powerful cars represents the network of choice,” says Dr. Christian Thiel, Vice President and head of the Division Automotive of information systems from SMSC. “Since Daimler 2002 brought its first model with MOST on the market, we have further developed our technology and meet the demands and expectations on transmission quality and reliability.

As a result our technology for the new E-class has been selected again.” MOST enables sophisticated Infotainment vehicle through networking of all multimedia components that are distributed in the vehicle. CD changer, radio, GPS, mobile phone and DVD player can feed digital signals in this efficient network. The data are floating amplifier and monitors forwards. PICTURES and more information: Preview: news/news-SMSC-7-mercedes-e.htm image: SMSCs MOST network again in the E-class Mercedes: since Daimler brought its first model with MOST on the market in 2002, SMSC technology has further developed and meets the high demands and expectations on transmission quality and reliability. DOWNLOAD: (2.3 MB) images/SMSC/SMSC-7-Mercedes-E-Class-1.tif SMSC newsletter: the latest from SMSC newsletter covers current highlights. DOWNLOAD: AIS/download.php?id=400&filename=Newsletter_I-2009.pdf (download PDF, 1 MB) about SMSCs product line automotive SMSC’s automotive of information systems delivers TrueAuto semiconductor solutions in the area of networking by Information and infotainment systems to leading automotive manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Daimler, Hyundai/Kia, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Toyota, and Volvo. SMSC is a founding member of the MOST cooperation, an Association of car manufacturers, system suppliers and component manufacturers. It operates the further development and deepening of the MOST standards to meet the constantly evolving demands of automotive multimedia networks.

For more information see. About SMSC set some of the world’s most successful technology companies SMSC as experts of for semiconductor solutions and technologies in the field of analog, digital and mixed-signal. Through extensive proprietary technical solutions, integration expertise and a global infrastructure solves SMSC sophisticated design and provides its customers significant advantages in terms of performance, cost and time to market (time-to-market). This SMSC focuses its solutions on important core verticals such as automotive, consumer and industrial applications, PC. In these Markets has become the company a leadership drawn up, by providing application-specific solutions such as microcontroller with integrated mixed signal peripherals, Ethernet products for systems that are not based on PCI, ARCNET, MOST, and high-speed USB. SMSC is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York. Offices are located in the United States, Asia and Europe. It is being developed at the sites of Arizona, New York, Texas, and Karlsruhe. More information below. Press contact: SMSC automotive of information systems Rolf Hansen Zlotnik babe forest Ahornallee 48 76185 Karlsruhe (Germany) T + 49 721 625 37 224 Rolf.Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik(at)smsc.com W hueggenberg gbr Assaad Aaen T + 49 8151 55 50 09 11 presse(at)hueggenberg.com