In Greece

In choosing such a cushion as in the feather is necessary to examine the seams. I hope you understood the spelling of my stuff and you can easily choose his bed sheets, pillow, ie. If you still do have probema choose a pillow or other bedding underwear go to the site '' and we'll help you. History pillows. In the civilized world probably is not such a person who has not seen the bedding or did not know what a pillow.

Most and can not imagine life without her. However, there were times when she was not. According to historical records the first cushion appeared already in the Egypt. Yes … m gave Egypt a lot of humanity here and it would seem so simple as a pillow! The main purpose of it is to keep hair during sleep, which worked so hard could be done.

The first pads were made of wood and consisted of a curved shape of the head boards nailed to the base. In consequence of these 'pads' started painting and decorating images of the gods to protect the sleeper from the dark forces. In Greece, the same pillows were very different plan. Because they loved luxury and comfort that cushions have been mild and resembled familiar to us today. As a filler in it were used: animal dander, grass, feathers, bird feathers, and the cover was made of leather or fabric. In connection with the development of Greek science and technology have appeared dyes and sewing techniques usovershenstovalas. This resulted in a shift from creation of everyday things to this art. However, let this attribute could afford not all, but only rich people. In consequences the Romans adopted from Grekova this bed linen. On the first they were reluctant or even suspicious of the pillow. Later, the Romans loved them, especially they like pillows with feather filler. But most of the cult, perhaps, the pillows found in the Arab world. You most probably have seen the movies Kaki painted pillows with lace lie in the house Bagat merchant. This was an attribute of the slope – in modern terms. Was considered as the most decorated and embroidered cushions the greater affluence is the master. In the troubled Middle Ages cushion lay under his feet for warming the feet, as the then locks heating was inadequate. There were cushions and in our area. Fountain, used mostly rich, the poor also filled pillows mostly hay. Perhaps a of the quadrupeds and convenient podushok had feather pillows. However, its position when shaken in the nineteenth century physician Otto Steiner found a bunch of parasites in the pillow. He found that at least begins the process of moisture rotting skin the birds that had been pulled out from the feathers. Also, it turned out, in such a cushion can live mites that feed on dead human skin and their waste products can cause yavlyatsya allergic asthma. Perhaps on this, and also because of practicality emerged modern pillows with artificial filling in the form of balls of fluffy chemical fiber. If you want to buy bed sheets and do not know where to do this, then welcome to our site ''. We have a wide selection of products and we are always happy to help.

Metropolitan Battle

With diligence, he studied the letter, martial arts and The Holy Bible. Alexander's father, Jaroslav Vsevolod, was strict and stern prince. When the people of Novgorod invited him to rule a second time, he would not tolerate gossip and chatter of freemen. He left the governors Fedor older brother, who was eleven years old, and Alexander, who was a year younger than his brother. Himself, gathered, went to Pereslavl. It was the first serious test, which the brothers proudly stood. In 1235 Yaroslav accompanied by his son broke near the town of Dorpat army Livonian Order.

And in 1240 at the mouth of the Neva gone Swedish ships, led by Birger. Alexander with his retinue made to the protection of Novgorod. Before going to Duke prayed in the church of Hagia Sophia and received a blessing from the Archbishop. The night before the battle for Alexander came one of the vigilantes and told me that he had a vision. The river in a boat floated saints Boris and Gleb. They said that help their kinsmen. Prince really is a relative saint. Further strengthened the already strong faith in victory.

However, Duke has forbidden warrior warriors talk about it, so as not to weaken their faith in their own force. The whole day was a fight equal opponents, but after Alexander wounded with a spear in the face Birger, the turning point in favor of Russian. The battle was won. In honor of this battle, the people began to magnify his Alexander Nevsky. April 5, 1242 , the battle was fought on Lake Peipsi with Teutonic Knights. The prince was a pious man and his beginnings started with a prayer to the Lord. And now pray and ask for help from the Lord, Alexander led his army to battle. The whole day was a fight, but after the battle joined ambush regiment, the Knights broke down and ran. And since they were dressed in heavy armor, ice could not stand the weight of this crazed, fleeing masses and sank under them. After this battle Livonian refused the claims on our borders. This bit is entered into history as the 'Battle on the Ice. " The prince was a wise ruler, and loved his people. He realized that while there is a feud, Russia can not victory over the Tartars. Therefore, when the Tatars in 1257 demanded the subordination of Novgorod and Pskov, Alexander took no simple solution, which many condemned. Even his son, Basil went against the wishes of his father. And for the sake of Thousands of people prince stifled nascent insurgency. Many times, Alexander went to the horde, drove in a gift of sable and gold products, in order to maintain peace on Russian soil. The last time Duke went to the Horde to persuade Khan Burke did not Russian soldiers take with them to march on the Iranian Khan. He performed this difficult task and on the way home on November 14 v1263 was taken ill and died. They brought the body of the prince in the city of Vladimir, and placed in a Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Many seen as Metropolitan Kirill wanted to unclench his hand to invest in her farewell letter with a prayer, the prince himself took it from the hands of the Metropolitan. Alexander Nevsky was canonized in 1547. Memory of Alexander Nevsky celebrated three times a year: June 5, 1912 September, December 6.