What Is A Barometer

Why do I need a barometer? Why is it important to know how to change air pressure? Try to understand Barometer (from the Greek. , weight", Greek. , measure") – a device for measuring atmospheric pressure. Barometers are liquid, mercury or mechanical (aneroid). Expa may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In liquid barometers pressure measured height of liquid column (mercury) in a sealed tube top, and bottom end lowered into a vessel with a liquid (atmospheric pressure balanced by the weight of the water column). Mercury barometers – the most accurate, are used at meteorological stations. In life generally used mechanical barometers (aneroid). In no aneroid liquid (Greek "aneroid" – "dry").

He shows the atmospheric pressure acting on the thin-walled corrugated metal box in which a vacuum. By lowering the air pressure box slightly expands and with increasing – and shrinks impact on secured to the spring that turns the arrow that moves on a circular scale, scaled by a mercury barometer. The phenomenon of sensitivity to the weather man studied for a long time. Observations showed that in our country are dependent on the weather around 35% of the adult population. Symptoms of dependence – of migraine and other headaches. During a sharp increase or decrease in atmospheric pressure, often attacks occur in those who suffer from lung diseases, kidney People with high or low blood pressure, as well as suffering from angina or had a heart attack trouble delivering low atmospheric pressure and drizzling rain.

Always feel the weather change rheumatism. Specialists suggest that unique antenna, catching the weather changes are on the walls of the carotid artery. If the pressure in the vessels suddenly drops, it is called a reflex, slowing blood flow. It affects our health. For the manufacture of shells barometers selected fine woods – oak, walnut, cherry, beech, mahogany. Each A customer may be offered a suitable, interesting version of it. Thanks to the original design, even the outward simplicity of barometers of plastic and metal (as compared with the luxury of wood and stone) is relative, and their attractive price makes buying a barometer not only desirable, but real. As a gift of such an instrument is very original and totally accessible. This also contributes to and a wide selection of barometers. Therefore, barometer is a device that will not be superfluous in every home!

Non-woven Dust Bags Top House Next Generation

How do we choose a vacuum cleaner? First, of course, design features, as well as on the suction power. Further there are not so fundamental, yet important criteria – ease of use, portability, ease power consumption. Not the last factor is the design and color. And very few people wondered how dust collector is equipped with a new vacuum cleaner. However, it was the bag assumes the primary responsibility for cleaning premises and is a major element of the entire filtration system vacuum cleaner. He has to perform just two contradictory goals: on one hand – as thoroughly as possible to delay the debris and dust, but on the other – pass through the air.

Ordinary paper bag handle it, absorbing 90% of all particles as small as 1 micron, which is 15 times thinner than a human hair. We can conclude that after such a filtration cleaning took place, because in the eyes The surface appears clean. But, unfortunately, the remaining 10%, missed the standard filter, then a long time will fly across the room and "happy" owners of allergy and frequent viral illnesses. Pollen plants, bacteria and mold spores, mites, saprophytes with their droppings, tobacco smoke All of this – a great set of allergens, which breathes urban resident each day. Non-woven dust bags Top House with natural antiallergenic impregnation intended to solve this problem. They are specially designed for people who are sensitive to house dust mites and allergies, and are particularly recommended for use, if a family has young children. filtration rate 99,98% minimum size of particles, which delays the four-bag Top House, moved to the border of 0.3 micron. This means that the dust bag, carrying their direct function, can greatly replace and expensive hepa-fine filter, and electrostatic microfilter (they absorb 80 to 99.9% of particles larger than 0.3 microns).

Natural hypoallergenic antiallergenic impregnation Top House dust collectors on based on natural ingredients (fruit of the tree Melia azedarach) has insecticidal properties, and inhibits the reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms inside the bag. Thus, the blown air from the vacuum cleaner is cleared of the most important allergens – dust mites and waste products – and distributes them across the room. overstrength Thanks to modern technology and materials welded by ultrasound four heavy-duty layer of nonwoven filter Top House dust resistant to tear withstand sharp objects (broken glass, small nails, pebbles) and do not lose strength in the event of accidental water. This is especially important during the repair, because small debris can easily damage the paper bag. A welding by ultrasound, a reliable guarantee of separation can not bag on his neck, regardless of the degree of loading the bag and the weight of its contents. stable suction Four layers of filter material bag Top House differ in density, structure and capacity and fixed independently of each other, which prevents them from sticking together and reduces the rate of