Tokyo Electric Power

– A first rocking of the policy speaks more than in a thousand dead and missing people. – Sets of ten of rejoinders shake the region, some with magnitude seven. – The authorities announce that four nuclear plants in the area reached for the earthquake had been disactivated. A leading source for info: noah kraft . Eleven of almost the 50 central offices stop to produce energy. – Alert of tsunami in all the states of the Pacific, the Oceania and Latin America.

Saturday, 12 of March: – The Japanese government commands evacuation of the people who live in the outskirts of the plant Fukushima 1, where the earthquake made with that the refrigeration systems failed, creating the distrust of a fusing. – Explosion in the nuclear plant Fukushima 1. The ceiling of the building of containment of reactor 1 falls down. The accident is catalogued as of level 4 in 7 in International Escala of Nuclear Events (INES, in the acronym in English). – Japan mobilizes 100,000 military to help the inhabitants and requesita helps the international community, including the located American military in the country. – Videos show the extension of the actual damages for tsunami, that it arrasou entire cities and agricultural areas. – Four hundred bodies are found in the port of Rikuzentakata, and 300 in a beach of Sendai (province of Miyagi). – The American Meteorological Service announces that the force of the earthquake moved Honshu – the main Japanese island – about 2,4 meters.

Sunday, 13 of March: – The operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) does not exclude that the fuel of the reactor number 2 has melted had to the imperfection in the cooling system. – The government says that 230,000 people in a ray of 20 km had been evacuated of the neighborhood of the reached reactors. – The policy of the province of Miyagi, one of the most reached for tsunami, affirms that the number of deaths can surpass only 10,000 in this region.

Ambient Sociology

Although these and outrostantos terrible facts that permeiam not sa our society, but the mundointeiro, them are denied by its responsible ones, that they allege the absence decausalidade between the harmful decisions productive politics and effect quetm on its victims. In such a way, the confrontation of this modelorequer that one speaks brazenly the blackness and the silence that are launched on different adistribuio of the ambient risks. The denunciation of the same, for outrolado, implies in developing the ambient and social fights articuladamente. Nose treats to search the space displacement of practical harmful for areas ondea the society less is organized, but yes to democratize all the decisesrelativas to the localization and the ambient and sanitary implications of the prticasprodutivas and the great economic projects and of infrastructure. 2. WHEN, AS AND ONDESURGIU OCONCEITO OF AMBIENT JUSTICE? The justice concept ambientalsurgiu in the United States, centered in the fight stopped for ethnic groups afetadospelo ambient racism, therefore in 1987, a scientific report divulged peloComit for the Racial Justice of the Joined Church of Christ denounced ligaesentre the ambient degradation and the racial discrimination. The study it used dadosestatsticos to demonstrate that the txicoscoincidia localization of lixeiras with residues with the one of the communities of blacks, Hispanic and Asian. Deum is treated historical landmark, strong on with the sprouting of movements of justiaambiental in U.S.A.

that had related the fight anti-racist with the defense of meioambiente. Twenty years later, the foramrevistos data for connoisseurs of the area of Ambient Sociology, which had refined apesquisa initial introducing new more necessary techniques. The study to veioreforar the original discovery, when demonstrating that, in the process of choice of locaispara deposit of dangerous residues, the factor most determinative is a' ' raa' ' , etnia, of the inhabitants. worse is that this relation became-seainda strong more in recent years. Thus, to the measure that in them we approach poludos desteslocais, the average income diminishes, and the percentage of blacks, Hispanic and Asian increases.