Home Experience

Much has been said about the lack and loss of values in today’s society, unfortunately all have guilt about it with our attitudes. Regards the family as the nucleus of society, and is therein where gives life and form the new citizens who take their roles within society. When we talk about dishonest, corrupt, people in general all those that break the harmony and respect of their peers, perhaps we should ask ourselves in that part of his life beginning with that kind of attitude to behave this way, maybe it was in the work environment, where it is now that up to be able to expedite a process right to a processyou have to require any gratuity, thereby encouraging corruption. Maybe it was during his academic training, where discovered and vainly is convinced that with the law of least effort could succeed, regardless or measure the consequences which this could bring in their personal lives. But the more sad and complex, would be to discover the origin of all this was during his childhood at home, where it is assumed there must be tolerance, justice, love, respect, forgiveness, commitment, etc., values and virtues that each and every one of the members that make up that family experience living and share mutually. Perhaps all this is in a cluster of good intentions rather than actions, because as we all know an action it says more than thousand words. Paradoxically new generations of children are becoming more and more open to the application of technology and an increasingly more shocking culture Light, where undoubtedly seeks to obtain a greater satisfaction.

It is here where families become complicit by not promoting the experience of universal, values in them because it seems as if they were out of context in our society today. Worth reflecting how children perceive our attitudes, because of this perception having them from us, they were his personality and character that will develop in the society in the not too distant future and but are giving good examples towards them, I would not like to imagine how the world would be for some years. I judge myself, still time straightening the road, or reinforce step, aware that only an education founded on values and actions will enable us to obtain the society that we all want.