Travel Abroad

Holidays abroad has become the norm for middle-class Russians and Ukrainians. But money is no longer considered and certainly not a secret that the travel agencies very well earn holiday travel, while on the Statistics up to 58 percent of clients are not satisfied with the quality of services. At the present level of development of Internet and communications (read: the telephone) – delete an intermediary (travel agent) and save on holiday – it is not only pleasant, but profitable. How can save 20-30 percent of the price of permits for the family budget? Quite simply, for this you need a credit card, basic knowledge of English and a little courage. According to the essence of travel is of the trip (sometimes more) and stay in hotels. The first problem is solved in numerous sales offices, and in the future this issue will be resolved online.

When buying a ticket, do not forget to specify the time of flight connections, if they few. 2-3 hours is usually enough for a normal transplant. If you are flying the airlines of the cis, add another hour. The question of the hotel stay even easier. Start with the opinions of tourists have already visited up to you in a hotel and country where you're going. Have a look at photos of hotels that have chosen the best option. When the choice is made, go ahead! With a credit card, the necessary information, you can book any hotel through sites offering online Book. As a rule, hotel booking via the website found on the first pages of search Yandex and Google is completely safe.

Also, often enough to book a hotel you can write directly on the hotel website. If you enough of this information, read the reviews of independent travel, as a rule, tourists describe in detail how and where they bought tickets, how to get to the hotel. And a few more tips for leisure and doubters. Do not rush to buy tour directly at the hotel, walk 200-300 meters and you will find 5.3 tour agencies which may be a different price. And do not forget, you can always (and should) be bargained. And one more advice – if you think necessary to insure you can do it in any insurance agency. And even in every major airport (such as Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo or Borispol). Insurance costs – 2-5 usd per day, depending on the country. On personal experience, who visited several countries in such a way, I advise you – do not be afraid to experiment, do not be afraid to be left without a travel agent.