Ilyushin Aircraft Construction History

IL-2, IL-10, IL-4 were designed Ilyushin Soviet aircraft. Ilyushin became an academician of the USSR in the year 1968b, Colonel-General engineering and technical services (1967), also grew three times Hero of Socialist Labor in 1941, 1957 and 1974. In the Soviet army in January 1919. He started as aircraft mechanic, then was promoted to Commissar, and in 1921 became chief of Aircraft already train. Ilyushin studied at the Air Force Academy NE Zhukovsky until 1926, now it is called VVIA. During the time that he studied at the Academy built three gliders. The most famous was the last under the name "Moscow".

He became famous in competitions in Germany, received first place for the duration flight. After graduating from the academy, Ilyushin is Head of the Section of Scientific Committee BBC. Then start working on the research airfield BBC. In 1931 he received the following improvement – became head of the CDB TsAGI. In 1933 he headed the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow plant named VR, Menzhinsky, later it was renamed the Bureau Ilyushin.

The activity of the plant was associated with the development of assault bombardment, as the passenger and transport aircraft. And since 1935, becoming chief designer Ilyushin, then it increases in January 1956 to chief designer. It remains so until 1970. His merits as well is that he created a school of aircraft, as yet under his leadership were designed a number of experimental and pilot combat aircraft, and, of course, a series of planes – Il-2, IL-10 bombers, IL-4, IL-28, the IL-12, IL-14, IL-18, IL- 62. What was the contribution Ilyushin? This became clear only with the onset of the Great Patriotic War. His storm troopers formed the basis of Soviet military aviation assault. They worked closely with ground-based waxes and general support aviation as a whole. Let's look at each of the aircraft separately and a little deeper. Let's start with the IL-2 – is one of the massive military aircraft of the period. What Ilyushin reached when this plane? He decided many important scientific and technological problems, in particular his have developed a body armor manufacturing technology with high curvature contours, but also that it is very important to use the armor as a power plane design aircraft and others. Feature Ilyushin in the development of what he paid great attention to economic issues. This is reflected in the Il-28 bomber, which was approaching the complexity of building fighter aircraft. He managed to combine well in this model performance characteristics of flight, destruction means and remedies, with a total weight balance aircraft. Thus, using Ilyushin rational, progressive methods of design in all its work, as in the creation of military aircraft, as well as in creating passenger. He created a new type of chassis. Ilyushin was awarded a gold medal Aviation FAI. And in 1960 – the Lenin Prize. He was awarded many times State Prize of the USSR – in the 19 421 year, 1942, 1943, 1946, 1947, 1950, 1952 and 1971. He has a lot of the Order, such as the Order of Lenin (8), Order of October Revolution, Order of Red Banner (2). And the name of the designer Ilyushin carries to this day Moscow Engineering Works.