Advanced Asymmetric

Goodyear introduces a new generation of one of the most successful models of tires – Eagle F1 Asymmetric, the revolutionary technology of active inhibition ActiveBraking, which responds to major issues of our time: how to safely unlock the potential of controllability of a powerful car, and how, ideally, should be the stopping distance. Eagle F1 Asymmetric two crowns model range in the highest segment products UHP summer Goodyear. This position, in addition to the highest dynamic performance, means the next stage of development of all segments of high-speed tires. Illustrative results of the previous generation and regalia Eagle F1 Asymmetric raised to a new level, which will test the world's leading experts and enthusiasts all driving. Will protect and defend a lot, since most authoritative European professionals at the time carried their verdicts against the first-generation model. The Finnish edition of the Finnish Tuulilasi called Eagle F1 Asymmetric on the best all indicators; British Journal of EVO awarded the title of winner of tests; The world's oldest weekly magazine Autocar has not found an equal in the trials; Powercar and Auto Zeitung of Germany gave the highest rating of "highly recommended for use." Advanced technology increases the friction coefficient ActiveBraking at the time of braking, and allows the tire to provide much more contact with the road across the width of the tread. Due to the special composition of the rubber compound with using technology to racing tires, Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2 also provides maximum grip on wet surfaces, being ideal for high-speed maneuvering in all conditions, especially in the wet. .

GSM Pager

Play and wailing sirens, car is no longer taken seriously. The reason for that distribution of cheap low-class security, suffering the inability to reliably determine the degree of threat and instability of the sensors. Becoming more common system of individual warning message when the attack on the car is delivered to the owner or group of persons. Class determined by the probability of delivery notification alarm message to the user: * (IV) pager / siren * (III) with a pager indication of system status * (II) GSM-alarm call or SMS * (I) GSM + pager siren warning this way can only be a supplement to an individual channel. Its effectiveness, even to draw attention to an attempt is low. a set of pager transmitter situated in the car and connected to the alarm system and portable receiver. The usual range of signal reception in the town of not more than three hundred meters, which is not always sufficient. pager, indicating the status of these devices allow you to send a message not just an attack on a car, but also indicate the triggered sensor, as well as learn the current status of the alarm system.

Some pagers aligned with the thumb and the display has a graphic display of the impaired area. GSM-alarm call or SMS is a GSM-car unit, which calls for one or more entered in the phone's memory numbers and (or) send an SMS with an indication of the triggered sensor. GSM-alarm system in conjunction with the receiver of the GPS is the technical basis for the so-called satellite security systems. Such notification does not restrictions on the range, the disadvantages associated with dependence on network GSM. This relationship is not only a technical background – you can not find out about the attack on the car, if your account balance, and the selected tariff plan does not involve calling in loans.

GSM + pager is not just a mechanical unification – to a bunch of truly effective, requires a logical docking algorithms alerts via different channels. For example, with the loss of connection to the GSM paging channel should convey a message to the owner about it. Other characteristics of systems are in the field of design, degree of comfort, convenience and customization. Main specifications of security systems – summary table lock control channel identification of the owner Alert * I digit to situational conversational exchange algorithm programmable logic verification GSM + * II digital pager with variable code modified two-stage test Keeloq with different keys GSM-alarm call or SMS * III digital code with a constant two-stage test Keeloq one key pager indicating the state of the system * IV one-step analog static code checking the validity of a pager / siren