IPad2 – Easy & Fast To The Goal

Banes & Wagner Verlag published senior advisor who has a sprightly 90-year while surfing and chatting in the Internet Cafe seen or an 80 year old with a laptop on the bench? Who knows old people who enthusiastically report their latest IT purchases? Probably no one. “So this change and the generation of 65plus Despite fears of technology is given the ability to become part of the digital age Oliver Bruemmer (27) aiming the iPad2 Advisor simply & quickly: not a book for experts and insiders” written. The Handbook is organized as intuitive user guidance and explains the most important functions of iPad2 that transferred to the iPad1. A focal point of the E-Mail traffic, because just the quick written communication is foreign to many older users. Full video telephony is what and how about the iPad via audio and video with friends and relatives can be communicated also shows. And also images perform, listen to music or the world by Google Street view, conquer, is easy & fast to the target thanks to iPad2″quickly learned. In addition the manual but not only the possibilities of use of the iPad, but also explains the workings of the World Wide Web shows for example: what is Wikipedia? What is Facebook good? and opened especially to seniors and their families, the little or no experience in dealing with modern computers have access to this new world. In this sense, the book is more than a guide. It is a small but important contribution to solving a social problem of increasing social isolation of a growing group of people that the possibilities of modern communication and information technology remains closed.

Novel after a true story the fraudulent machinations of the timeshare from the perspective of a seller on Gran Canaria. The journey to the blue – novel after a true story by Michael Dunkel. “Working in the Sun, where other holiday”, was the decisive set, which prompted the author to give up his job in Germany, to try his luck on the island of Gran Canaria in the timeshare business. He should earn good money with my new task and make happy even people on the sunny island Gran Canaria, since they would enjoy in the future each year sunny holiday in a beautiful own real estate. His exceptional sales talent was of course quickly certifies the protagonists of the activated personnel agency it was classified in the highest category of blue of course. Blue as the beautiful sea around the Canary Islands. Blue-eyed, he abandoned his tents in Germany and was looking for his new fortune on the popular holiday island in a sales organization for a seemingly highly lucrative and attractive business. Forward Mike entered the ring in the timeshare Circus: began his journey to the blue. Amusing and thoughtful at the same time the author from the point of view of the seller tells of the hardships and interpersonal relationships of an a sales crew, whose Erwartungen were too high.