Where Is Google?

Last Thursday, may 29, at the Conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Google developers saw a spectacle only comparable to the annual ritual of MacWorld, which is held annually, on the same stage, each month from January. In the case of Google the median age was significantly lower than that of the public who attends the ceremony of Steve Jobs, and is that Apple, despite its image of brand-new company, already has a few years behind him. Peter Thiel insists that this is the case. Beyond the tons of food, billiards, the football, or massages free attendees enjoyed on the Moscone – all this in the image and likeness of what we will find when we visited some of the venues of Google – the Organization was perfect, and apparently the developers came out quite happy than there could see and hear. Google, in just one ten years – will meet them next September, has played the Cyber sky. It has practically become owner of Internet and has left little room for manoeuvre to their competitors. Consequently, accusations of monopoly, or be in possession of too much information and, what is worse, using it for you to go to know what evil purposes, have already long been raging. Technology Investor brings even more insight to the discussion.

As users and/or the network professionals, we must ask ourselves if the omnipresence of the Mountain View giant is, or not, beneficial. The gratuitousness of the multiple services offered by Google to common mortals is based on the economic benefits derived from the exploitation of the publicity associated with such services. On the Internet nor anything is free. It is precisely the issue of advertising is that it can end up being the Achilles heel of the giant. The first business, and the base of the Empire, Google was its search engine which, in a short time, became the ingenuity that made life easier to Internet users. As well, the Google search engine is losing, increasingly, its infallible character due to management by the company’s sponsored links (Google AdWords) which seems to give predominance in the results of searches that has previously passed per box. Another problem, arising from the need that any web page appears in the results of Google, is that professionals working in web positioning practically spend their workday to deceive the search engine – if you’re not in Google do not exist in the network – and the results clear is, are affected.

The other question that may end up assuming a headache is acquisitions. Do not buy the latest company that brings some new and different product seems to be the greatest of sins that can commit Microsoft, Yahoo! or the same G. In this race to get the last virtual Pearl seems that again highlights the company of Brin and Page. Few dams have escaped them. But doubts arise when we see how these acquisitions are handled, or how it is increasingly elitist management of human resources. Google can be a monster with many heads. A new Microsoft that become the center of our virtual hatreds.

Neon Signs With Independent Power

Neon signs, a special kind of light commercials. Many people think that it's just her option, when used instead of neon tubes, for example, LEDs. But if you delve into consideration the problem, it becomes clear between led and neon signs, as they say – the heavens and the earth. Imagine that you are staying on the neon sign for your company. Do you like the showiness of such advertising, durability and efficiency. You are asking to do Design sketch of the proposed signage, which in two words it would say everything about your company. And then there is the first hurdle.

Two words – is the ultimate shortness. And if this short is not the sister of talent, the result of such neon signs will be only a desire not to see more of her. And to correct already-made sign, alas, almost impossible. So we now see the main disadvantage of this type of signage: manual work + talent + copywriter talent of the designer. In this chain should not be a bad links.

Only then can a positive result. And if this led advertising, all the links remain the same, only it will not be once and for all hand-made work, and any change is possible and relatively easily implemented. When the led technology will make a couple more steps on the road to perfection, they will be able in connection with the above, almost completely destroying her Ne competitor. But when it happens, do not dare to predict one. And that and other technology to electric power. So in matters of local power, coordination with relevant authorities, they stand on equal footing. Both technologies are energy-saving, so that both may use independent power supply. Batteries for power will be relatively small, but worked out for the night time, energy resource can be replenished during the day by connecting to the system of a small solar panel. Getting rid of energy dependence gives neon as well, and led advertising a new impetus development. Is no longer a fantasy place your signage on the tree in the taiga, or on a cliff in the mountains, which had gone before except that a professional climber, or Father Fyodor's novel by Ilf and Petrov. A reasonable question is on the impact of such advertising, because in the first case, a sign they see mostly only the bears, and the purchasing power it will not bear out for United Russia. In the second, along with the mountain eagles and tours – except that the passing tourists. The practical effect of the placement of such signs would, if put them in places of recreation of drivers on highways, on hiking trails, taking into account the interests of potential buyers. If the sign is conceived and executed a bright, humorous, in addition to memory in the minds of tourists, it can capture in a camera of their mobile phones, cameras and camcorders. We must try to make it happen, and then advertising audience will be repeatedly extended, when the tourists returned to their homes will share their travel experiences with friends and relatives at home: 'earlier here on the rock only saw his father Fyodor), and Now, look, that offer! "