Savior Salvation

And he predestino us to do this. There are hundreds of thousands of places trying to worship an unknown God, but we are a small herd that we worship the one God known. He is our Lord and Savior and when one has a genuine experience with him, there is not enough Devils in hell to tell us that he does not exist, or he does not heal when we have seen it with our own eyes, that: he is the same yesterday today and forever. There is nothing and nobody that can tell us that he does not heal, when we have experienced it firsthand, would have to start us life before denying it. Naveen Selvadurai is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Frames 7-24 we must never let the spirit of revival dies, we must be in continuous revival as an artesian well which renews its waters every day, you It may not be cold, formal and without power, so not is not the message of the hour not wine to make Saints stuffy, we have known the truth and the truth has made us fully free, you must have a continuous, and continuous, and continuous, revival in us.

Paul said that he had to die daily in order for Christ to live in the. Never go you To allow the devil remove you the joy of your salvation, never do that, when you feel that joy is going, then do the same as in the marriage when it is a little cold, not to go to another House, do not, what saith the Prophet in the communion message, I leave the children with the in-laws, took their la and went to enjoy of a second honeymoon. They came so much more embellished than before. When you see that the joy of your salvation begins to wane, Bro. Leave everything aside, forget everything, coja take his Bible, a couple of brochures, preaching, of the Prophet of God, go alone and begin to listen, and you will see how the joy of your salvation will go up.