President Truth

Politicians, journalists, priests, doctors, psychologists, accountants, lawyers, architects, dentists, masons, mechanics, shopkeepers, men and women, all professions and trades are marked by lies. With read journals we find newspaper stories that are replete with falsehoods and who only seek to endorse political and economic positions of the environment; broken electoral promises; legal allegations in favour of indefensible clients, and more. The lie is more cruel when it is issued by someone to whom we deliver our blind trust. I imagine now many Paraguayan voters who trusted blindly in the former Bishop Lugo and voted for him as President. The man children appeared from under stones shortly after assuming. Children who apparently had with women that they were minor and all that while he was Bishop.

Rude lies, had said. Fortunately, life gives us truth things every day: full and pure feelings like love a child to another person; It offers us the work of communicators committed to the reality that did not leave his own thinking by coins. Life shows us that not everything is lost beyond the lie seems to have been installed between us with unusual force. This week I heard on a radio in the capital of Cordoba to an announcer who read an editorial from a San Juan newspaper. The letter raised the differences in the behavior of the men of 50 years ago and those of today.

Obviously, all past tense speech was best flew over all the text. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from shaw parents. Nothing further from the truth. The imperfections of man have always been present throughout history: 50 years ago, for example, spoke of the prevalence of some breeds over the others and killed millions of people under this discourse. Thats just one example of how you can lie in the media without the lector-oyente – Viewer, have no possibility of retrucar type.Fortunately, every day we encounter no absolute truths, everyday truths that fill our days. And also, thanks to God, we are realizing that even the most trivial message can be marked by a lie. Original author and source of the article.