Neurolinguistic Programming

It it should be considered for postgraduate programs, the master’s degree in administration and its terms, promoting effective knowledge, realistic to the needs of the national stage, where it is assumed that the participation of stakeholders is very significant because they are facing are the facts to their work, aware of the requirements, demands that companies require to ensure efficiency, productivity in order to be successful, competitive. Do not forget that the administration is the main activity that makes the difference between organizations and the success we can have the organization to achieve its objectives and meet their social obligations to do so depending on their managers, especially when these are really proactive effective, where no doubt if the managers perform their work properly, it is likely that organizations achieve their goals. The management professionals are the best, the called according to his training to fill these positions as manager of the organization and some general characteristics to be developed in this century are as follows: Must have solid knowledge of current, it is important to know the current trends of the modern world and link them to the labor market. You must have bargaining power, dominating the business tools, capable of synthesis and monitoring the decisions taken. You must have teamwork attitudes, encouraging participation, creativity, initiative and motivation can help unite efforts to achieve beneficial results in any organization. BA in administration of this century.

Must not forget that everyone in the organization are important and all members are human beings with needs, values and must be respected. With the above can be summarized that when one thinks of the professional profile of an administrator is to find an executive capable of planning, organizing, directing, evaluating and controlling. In addition to this, not only will be able to take all these responsibilities, but also should feel and be convinced that whatever the nature of the organization to which one belongs or the area to be taken by any work or run decision should apply values and attitudes that ensure success in the organization. Finally one can point out some features that the administrator of this must meet such as: High degree of self-esteem and responsibility. Provision for the use and handling of equipment and technology Motivation for the pursuit and attainment of goals. Integrity and honesty Rules of conduct, principles and ethics in professional practice independence, with a constructive critical attitude Sensitivity humanistic social Teamwork recognition of the importance of loyalty to the company Ensure training for the development of Leadership Responsibility for achieving the common welfare. Management of Neurolinguistic Programming and assertiveness Need well-defined achievement Creativity and innovation Generating exchange Strategist. Sources: