Mike Morhaym

Due to a great consolation for fans was that they saw one on the BlizzCon 2009 – feature a serious process, which was shown at the exhibition, the reality turned out to resemble something What absolutely expect from the creators and gamers should be called to practice good nuance. The second dilemma, which collided with the actual gamers are likely to be modified to describe the main variation game mechanics in toward pleasing the so-called kazualam – simple online players playing a couple of hours a day, or in the 7 days and that want to plunge into the toy with your head for weeks without going out of your own home. 'Hardcore today do not need '- said in a blizzard entertainment, and were to some extent right. In any scenario has changed quite a lot: the hero is now impossible to spoil, because in principle all the skill points will be reset the same system embodied in the World of Warcraft. Runes can be taken out in order to once again God forbid, not to spoil their weapons out of ignorance, in general, when you play as a team or as items made to say in the circles of mmorpg fans, "the loot" will be visible only , .

Gold will definitely be chosen independently, the criteria for a character such as strength and agility – distributed independently. However, it seems, in reality, many veterans of past quenching has already put up with this – almost all that is not made all the better. Despite the fact that the release date of Diablo 3 today is not known, probably the online game for the most part already available: the fans have already shown four character of 5, made a lot of quests that brought to mind the game mechanics. In spite of this, recently it became known that it is in the future, 2010, we definitely will not see a toy – is said in the course of quarterly meeting blizzard entertainment dedicated to the financial Mike Morhaym. Probably need only download iron patience and wait for sure.