Metropolitan Rhine

Johannes Lacker, owner of the coffee trade in Switzerland and operators of online shops specialized in Swiss coffee takes over a representative of Tower Handels AG in St.Gallen Heppenheim, 30 January 2010. Tower coffee, since 1761 home on the site of St. Gallen/Switzerland, extends from immediately its presence in Germany to the Metropolitan Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar. The new sales area, which includes inter alia the cities of Heidelberg, Mannheim, Darmstadt and Frankfurt, supervised Johannes Lacker (42). Lacker is founder and owner of the coffee trade Switzerland, which specializes in Swiss coffee and Swiss chocolate and operates the online store.

With the extension of the distribution area restaurateurs and major consumers such as offices, authorities and social institutions benefit coffee from a fast and direct access to the Swiss coffee specialities from Tower. Tower coffee processed in St. Gallen – together with the sister company arch coffee headquartered in Schaffhausen over 1,000 tons of coffee per year. All coffees are all harvested by hand, neatly rehearsed, carefully transported, roasted and stored. Our goal is excellence in the whole production and supply chain, from the bean to the coffee. We want to persuade now also the Rhine-Main-Neckar area of this Swiss quality promise”says Tower coffee CEO Roger Bahler (36). With Johannes Lacker, a lover of Switzerland and proven expert in coffee served in the new area representative.

The collaboration with Tower coffee is a logical extension of the Kaffi Schopp concept. While coffees by twelve Swiss roasting operations in particular to consumer markets, the partnership with Tower is targeting coffee and the sister company arch coffee gastronomy and quality-orientated wholesaler”, explains Lacker. Hotels, restaurants and cafes in the Rhine Neckar main, who place the highest value on the quality of coffee, roasting fresh and expert advice, will benefit from immediately by the regional Support from the new area representative. Bulk buyers, who want to offer their customers Swiss coffee art and coffee culture, now have a fast and direct distribution channel to Premiumkaffees from the Confederation. “First customers are won shortly after the start of the new area representative: A comparison test with the previous supplier of the new Tower coffee customers clearly showed: coffees of Tower and Arch coffee from the Switzerland hold constant the quality promise in terms of wholesomeness, aroma and freshness”, Lacker discusses.