Intellectual Capital Management

When one speaks, everyone listens, but if they speak all at once who listens? Abyssinian Proverb dynamics scenarios in different countries that make up this planet Earth is very dynamic, changing, creating challenges, transformations in which the human being that inhabits it, has been the main actor of this. It has created a valuable intellectual capital development, for example in the same organizations, where management must know and appreciate all manage, motivate. When we speak of intellectual capital can assure you that is a key asset for the efficient development of organizations in general, when combined with a good knowledge management paradigms we disparate business that the most important assets for companies are the fixed and circulating because they allow work to ensure the company but not made of the best.

The ability to manage human intellect is becoming of this management technique, following previous interest was developed capital intellectual creativity, innovation and organizational learning Some authors have begun to classify under the name of intellectual capital and intangible resources all make the analysis of their interconnections. According to this line, the company’s intellectual capital would consist of the set of intangible resources. As such, it is considered to establish the significance of intangible resources to properly conceptualize later intellectual capital. Following the Resource, which is based on research resources and capabilities of a company, through its possession to explain differences in results over time of a particular business organization within your business. Hence, one can deduce that the central elements of analysis and study are precisely the resources and capabilities..